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“Why should we trust you?” and other questions worth asking

Jul 18, 2017

“Never lose a holy curiosity,” said Einstein. With something as critical as a student's education, we are always asked about our operations, processes, and our subject-specialists. So we popped the hood on the engine that is Studiosity, during an on-stage Q&A session at the STARS Conference.

EARCOS 2016 Learnings: 3 Simple Steps To Open Your Mind To Change

Oct 31, 2016

Day three of the EARCOS Leadership Conference* and it’s time for some reflection on what I’ve seen, heard and learned.

How To Develop Good Writing Skills

Jun 17, 2015

There are few academic skills more difficult and time-consuming to develop than learning to write a good essay. As every English teacher knows, there are no short-cuts to becoming a competent communicator with the written word. It takes time and practice. If ever there were a poster-child for the “10,000 hours” rule, it’s learning to write.

Five lessons from the day Richie Benaud called

Apr 13, 2015

"G'day, it's Bill Lawry calling" I announced in my broadest Aussie accent to the switchboard operator at Old Trafford. "Be a love and put me through to the commentary box. I need to catch up with Richie."

It was 1993 and the first day of the Ashes Series, which I'd spent with compatriots on a couch in London watching the cricket on TV and marvelling that 'our Richie' was as much the big kahuna on the BBC as he was on Channel Nine back home.