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Study help, online, anywhere

Study help anytime anywhere

We connect students to the best and brightest minds, so they can get help exactly when it's needed most. This is all done through our own awesome technology, accreditation, and academic integrity standards.

Together with our education partners across Asia-Pacific and the UK - Universities, Schools, Private Providers, and Government - we ensure that in an age of online education, internationalisation, and mobilisation, every student can get the personal study support they need, anytime, anywhere.

Why? Because everyone should have individualised help when it’s needed, to improve life chances; the chance for more confidence, a better grade, a better job, or the chance to change the world for others.

This is why we're here; every journey starts with a step in the right direction.

"Who are your Subject Specialists?"

Real people held to the highest standards. Not only are they the best and brightest minds, they must also go through our strict accreditation process and continually maintain our education and integrity standards in order to keep their coveted place in the network.

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"Who can access Studiosity?"

Our partners are education institutions - Universities, schools, and government. This means students can access Studiosity for free as part of their enrolment. Students not at a partner institution can open their own account.

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Just some of the team

Dr Lesley Halliday

Head Academic Services

Chris Fitzpatrick

Head Education Partnerships

Adam McNeil

Chief Technology Officer

Mike Larsen

Chief Executive Officer

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