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At Studiosity, we're passionate about helping students with their study, when they need us most. But don't just take our word for it. Here are just a few of the hundreds of real comments we get submitted by students using the service, every day. 

They helped me understand and I found the answer in less than half an hour, wheras me alone, it would have taken me 500000hours+ :)
Year 6, Maths
18 June, 2019
Really fast response, and so many helpful comments! It was far beyond my expectations of what response I would get.
University student, Writing Feedback
14 March, 2019
The specialist made the work seem so much simpler than how I viewed it on my own. I was assisted but never given the answer.
Year 10, Chemistry
14 March, 2019
Thank you so much for your bubbly opening. It really made my day that you seemed to genuinely care that I am doing well and that I have a good week - back at you. Thank you for your words of encouragement!
University student, Writing Feedback
11 September, 2019
They asked me questions to get my brain ticking instead of jumping straight in and doing it for me!
University Student, Maths
12 September, 2019

Friendly, helpful and easy to use. Reassuring for me when noone in family understands maths!

Year 9, Maths
11 September, 2019
Thank you so much. Very much appreciate the feedback. University has been a MASSIVE learning curve for me at the age of 46! I'm so glad I'm finally getting the courage to ask (and be in time to ask!) 
University student, Writing Feedback
4 September, 2019

Fast return. Positive and constructive feedback. Thank you. PS: My first assignment was graded a Distinction! I couldn't have done it without your guidance :)

University student, Writing Feedback
2 September, 2019
The tutor was AMAZING. She was patient and understanding. At the beginning of the session she throughly went over my grammatical errors and explained the grammatical errors to me. This enabled me to understand why phrases of my essay sounded awkward
Year 12, English
18 March, 2019

Student Selfies: First-hand stories of success

We asked students to tell us what they thought of the service with a video selfie. Here are their honest answers.


" I love using Studiosity because it helps me feel more confident about my studies and I feel it’s the best way to get the best mark possible.
Jane Hattwell, Swinburne Online

Improving confidence and grades

Students at Xavier College Catholic School share how Studiosity helped them feel better about school, study and their grades.



“It makes me feel more confident in my work and I definitely feel like my grades have improved because of it.”

Madison McGovern, Year 11 student

Reducing stress with 24/7 support

Tertiary students juggling work, life and study share how Studiosity helps them reduce stress and improve their English and writing skills. 

“As students, there are little things we take for granted, like grammar mistakes. When I use Studiosity it highlights those mistakes for me and I get to know where I’m going wrong and how to correct it, and I end up having better essays.”

Tino Kunesu, University Student

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