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"Will this assignment calculator do my assignment?"
Nope! It will give you ideas about how to start, which might make it easier though. When you do have something written, upload it in your free Studiosity service. One of our friendly Subject Specialists will give you personal feedback on your writing, to help you improve it, and all in less than 24 hours.

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Don't stress, and always speak to your own teacher. You can also find "Connect Live" in your free Studiosity service, an expert is ready 24/7 to chat with you about time management or your writing.

Students: Think about your own workload, commitments, and choices. Leave enough extra time - especially if you usually procrastinate - and start your assignment as soon as you can. Always ask your own teacher for help.

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Educators and staff: This assignment calculator is inspired by advances in Transition Pedagogy and built using the knowledge gained from almost 20 years of experience helping students with time management, assignment skills and study skills, in order to build confidence, reduce anxiety, and increase capacity to succeed. 

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"She helped me deconstruct the question." - University of Canberra
"It was useful and time-saving experience, really extremely satisfied." - University of Roehampton
"Was extremely helpful and thorough in his response - he managed to get a good gauge as to where I was in my assignment in a short period of time. By the end of the session I had overcome a hurdle with my assignment." - University of Western Australia
"So helpful. Just wish I knew about this before I submitted my essay plan." - University of South Australia
"Such a great knowledgeable person and very helpful and patient with the process, thanks so much, what a lifesaver :)" - Chisholm Institute
"Made me feel very comfortable even when I wasn't quite understanding the answers she was giving and happy to go over again." - TAFE Queensland


Did you know?

Our calculator uses our nearly 20 years' experience helping students with time management and study skills, and is designed for as many students as possible - no matter what you're studying, no matter your study experience or confidence.

There are other great assignment resources out there. Take a look for tools offered by your own university, college, or school that help you in a different way. This calculator by Western Sydney University and this one by the University of Minnesota lets you consider different writing task types, and this one by the University of Western Australia offers lots of sources and tips. Ask your teacher for their favourite tools and resources.