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Got a first draft? Get free writing feedback, in minutes.

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Students: Think about your own workload, commitments, and choices. Leave enough extra time - especially if you usually procrastinate - and start your assignment as soon as you can. Always ask your own teacher for help.

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Educators and staff: This assignment calculator is inspired by advances in Transition Pedagogy and built using the knowledge gained from almost 20 years of experience helping students with time management, assignment skills and study skills, in order to build confidence, reduce anxiety, and increase capacity to succeed. 

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"Will this assignment calculator do my assignment?"

No. It will give you ideas about how to start, which might make it easier. When you do have something written, upload it in your free Studiosity service. You'll get personalised feedback in just minutes, so you can improve your own work before submitting.

"My assignment is due really soon!"

Don't stress, and always speak to your own teacher. You can choose to get a last moment review with our AI-powered writing feedback service, or get instant  study support through "Connect Live" in your free Studiosity service.