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Meet our team

Brought together by exceptional experience, integrity, education insight, and dedication to our mission.

Jack Goodman - Founder of Studiosity

Jack Goodman

Founder, Non-Executive Chair

πŸŽ“ Princeton University; University of Cambridge

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Mike Larsen - CEO at Studiosity

Michael Larsen

CEO, Managing Director

πŸŽ“ University of Western Australia; University of New South Wales

Karen Markell - Studiosity

Karen Markell


πŸŽ“ University of Lancaster, UK

Denise Stewart - Studiosity

Denise Stewart

Chief Product Officer

πŸŽ“ University of Sunderland, UK

Judyth Sachs - Studiosity

Prof Judyth Sachs

Chief Academic Officer

πŸŽ“ Former DVC, Macquarie University

Adam McNeil - Studiosity

Adam McNeil

Chief Technology Officer

πŸŽ“ Macquarie University

Chris Fitzpatrick - General Manager at Studiosity

Chris Fitzpatrick

General Manager, APAC & Middle East

πŸŽ“ University of Technology Sydney; MGSM Macquarie University

Mahmoud Shouman - Studiosity

Khansha Siddiqui

Partnerships Manager, Middle East

Isabelle Bristow - General Manager at Studiosity

Isabelle Bristow

Managing Director, Europe

πŸŽ“ University of Reading, UK

Chris Helsby - Studiosity

Chris Helsby

Vice President & General Manager, Canada

πŸŽ“ University of Toronto; University of British Columbia

Jared Steuernol - Studiosity

Jared Steuernol

Partnerships Manager, Canada

πŸŽ“ Western University; Ivey Business School

Debby Hsieh - Studiosity

Debby Hsieh

Business Development Lead, UK/Europe

πŸŽ“ University College London; National Taipei University of Education

Andrea Collings - Studiosity

Andrea Collings

Marketing Lead, UK/Europe

Joey Chen - Studiosity

Joey Chen

Sales and Marketing Admin Assistant

πŸŽ“ University of Glasgow

Graeme Kirk - Studiosity

Graeme Kirk

Partnerships Manager, UK/Europe

Lisa Abrahams - Studiosity

Lisa Abrahams

Partnerships Manager, UK & Ireland

Andrew Griffiths - Studiosity

Andrew Griffiths

Business Analyst

Nadia Sundstrom - Studiosity

Nadia Sundstrom

Head of New Partner Development, Asia-Pacific

πŸŽ“ University of New South Wales

Scott Harrison - Studiosity

Scott Harrison

Director, Partnerships, Asia-Pacific

πŸŽ“ Sydney University; Macquarie University

Nicole Seipel - Studiosity

Nicole Seipel

Senior Partnerships Manager

πŸŽ“ Queensland University of Technology

David Farquhar - Studiosity

David Farquhar

Partnerships Manager, NZ/NSW

πŸŽ“ University of Waikato; University of Auckland

Angela Mitchell - Studiosity

Angela Mitchell

Partnerships Manager, NSW/ACT

πŸŽ“ University of Technology Sydney

Manpreet Kaur - Studiosity

Manpreet Kaur

Partnerships Manager, VIC/TAS

πŸŽ“ University of Waikato

Vanesa Duran - Studiosity

Vanesa Duran

Partnerships Manager, WA/SA/NT

πŸŽ“ Autonomous University of Barcelona; University of South Australia; University of Adelaide

Ami Bennett - Studiosity

Ami Bennett

Solutions Consultant

πŸŽ“ Macquarie University

Robyn Thomson - Studiosity

Robyn Thomson

Client Success Coordinator

Renee Hurley - Studiosity

Renee Hurley

Group Administrator

πŸŽ“ Macquarie University

Sarah Crossing - Studiosity

Sarah Crossing

Global Director - Brand, Marketing, Student Experience, Social Responsibility

πŸŽ“ University of Sydney; Charles Sturt University

Sophia Gardner - Studiosity

Sophia Gardner

Student Experience & Engagement Manager

πŸŽ“ Griffith University

Charlotte Owen - Studiosity

Charlotte Owen

Global Systems & Resources Manager

πŸŽ“ University of Sydney

Evelyn Levisohn - Studiosity

Evelyn Levisohn

Marketing Manager - Partnerships, APAC & Middle East


Woody Allen Critic


GFF Hater


Jill McGuire - Studiosity

Jill McGuire

Director, Product Management

πŸŽ“ Queensland University of Technology; University of the Sunshine Coast

Billy Lawton - Studiosity

Billy Lawton

Product Owner

πŸŽ“ University of South Australia

John Brent - Studiosity

John Brent

Product Owner

πŸŽ“ University of Otago

Kate Dekker - Studiosity

Kate Dekker

Director, Academic Services

πŸŽ“ Murdoch University; Griffith University

Stacey Rose - Studiosity

Stacey Rose

Quality Assurance Lead - Writing Feedback

πŸŽ“ Macquarie University; Western Sydney University

Gemma Lea - Studiosity

Gemma Lea

Service Improvement Specialist

πŸŽ“ University of Liverpool

Judy Iland - Studiosity

Judy Iland

Service Delivery Manager - Live Services

πŸŽ“ Griffith University

Kausar Rangila - Studiosity

Kausar Rangila

Quality Assurance Lead - Live Services

πŸŽ“ University of Johannesburg

Samantha Kenny - Studiosity

Samantha Kenny

Service Improvement Specialist

πŸŽ“ University of Adelaide

Stephanie Ling - Studiosity

Stephanie Ling

Talent Pool Administrator

πŸŽ“ University of New South Wales; University of Sydney

Joseph Brockelsby - Studiosity

Joseph Brockelsby

Product UX Lead

πŸŽ“ Australian National University

Nadia Pennisi - Studiosity

Nadia Pennisi

UX Designer

πŸŽ“ Macquarie University

Andrew Bromwich - Studiosity

Andrew Bromwich

Head of Engineering

πŸŽ“ Queensland University of Technology

Michael Agosti - Studiosity

Michael Agosti

Technical Project Coordinator

πŸŽ“ University of Sydney

Trung Nguyen - Studiosity

Trung Nguyen

Head of Machine Learning

πŸŽ“ Australian National University; Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Trung Nguyen - Studiosity

Ava Assadi

Machine Learning Engineer

πŸŽ“ Macquarie University

Cody Woodward - Studiosity

Cody Woodward

Machine Learning Engineer

πŸŽ“ RMIT University

Maxine Lyu - Studiosity

Maxine Lyu

Machine Learning Engineer

πŸŽ“ University of Queensland

Maxine Lyu - Studiosity

Wei Hann

Machine Learning Engineer

πŸŽ“ Monash University

Lawrence Ross - Studiosity

Lawrence Ross

Software Engineer

πŸŽ“ University of Sydney

Scott Harvey - Studiosity

Scott Harvey

Software Engineer

Simon Brazell - Studiosity

Simon Brazell

Software Engineer

πŸŽ“ Charles Sturt University

Richard Phillis - Studiosity

Richard Phillis

DevOps Engineer


James Jackson - Studiosity

James Jackson

Business Analyst

πŸŽ“ Deakin University

Ahmad Sami - Studiosity

Ahmad Sami

Systems Administrator

πŸŽ“ NED University of Engineering & Technology

Rohan George - Studiosity

Rohan George

Junior DevOps Engineer

πŸŽ“ Macquarie University

Sean Woon - Studiosity

Sean Woon

Technical Support Officer

Justin Clarke - Studiosity

Justin Clarke

Finance Assistant

πŸŽ“University of Technology Sydney

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