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Meet our team

We come from all over; and all passionate about helping students succeed.

Jack Goodman - Founder of Studiosity

Jack Goodman

Founder, Executive Chair

Princeton University, University of Cambridge

K9 support


Mike Larsen - CEO at Studiosity

Michael Larsen


The University of Western Australia; The University of New South Wales

Karen Markell - Studiosity

Karen Markell


University of Lancaster, UK

Chris Fitzpatrick - General Manager at Studiosity

Chris Fitzpatrick

General Manager

University of Technology Sydney, MGSM Macquarie University

Denise Stewart - Studiosity

Denise Stewart

General Manager, Operations

University of Sunderland, UK

Judyth Sachs - Studiosity

Prof Judyth Sachs

Chief Academic Officer

Former DVC, Macquarie University

Sarah Niss - Studiosity

Sarah Niss

Director, Tertiary Partnerships, Asia-Pacific

Sophia Gardner - Studiosity

Sophia Gardner

Student Experience & Engagement Manager

Griffith University

Sarah Crossing - Studiosity

Sarah Crossing

Director, Marketing, Asia-Pacific

Sydney University, Charles Sturt University

Evelyn Levisohn - Studiosity

Evelyn Levisohn

Marketing Manager, Asia-Pacific


Woody Allen Critic


GFF Hater


Jill McGuire - Studiosity

Jill McGuire

Director, Education & Academic Operations

Queensland University of Technology, University of the Sunshine Coast

Judy Iland - Studiosity

Judy Iland

Quality Assurance Manager

Griffith University

Kate Dekker - Studiosity

Kate Dekker

Quality Assurance Manager

Murdoch University; Griffith University

Esha Mittal - Studiosity

Esha Mittal

Global Talent Pool Manager

Amity University; Australian National University

Lisa Abrahams - Studiosity

Lisa Abrahams

Partnerships Manager, UKIE

Chandni Dudhaiya - Studiosity

Chandni Dudhaiya

Partnerships Manager, UKIE

Miles Durham - Studiosity

Miles Durham

Partnerships Officer, UKIE

Dianne Guise - Studiosity

Dianne Guise

Partnership Services Manager, WA/SA/NT

Nicole Seipel - Studiosity

Nicole Seipel

Partnership Services Manager, QLD

Queensland University of Technology

Scott Harrison - Studiosity

Scott Harrison

Director, Partner Services

Sydney University; Macquarie University

Nadia Sundstrom - Studiosity

Nadia Sundstrom

Partnership Services Manager, NSW/NZ

University of New South Wales

Nicholas Karamanos - Studiosity

Nicholas Karamanos

Partnership Services Manager, VIC/TAS

Monash University

Yalda Pirmoradian - Studiosity

Yalda Pirmoradian

Partnerships Coordinator


Bhavin Patel - Studiosity

Bhavin Patel

Implementation Consultant

Nirma University; Gujarat Technological University

Adam McNeil - Studiosity

Adam McNeil

Chief Technology Officer

Macquarie University

Brendon Low - Studiosity

Brendon Low

Product Lead

Macquarie University; University of Technology Sydney

Andrew Bromwich - Studiosity

Andrew Bromwich

Software Engineer

Queensland University of Technology

Scott Harvey - Studiosity

Scott Harvey

Software Engineer

Tim Medina - Studiosity

Tim Medina

Software Engineer

Ateneo de Manila University

Daniel Teale - Studiosity

Daniel Teale

Software Engineer

Australian Institute of Information Technology

David Mason - Studiosity

David Mason

UI Engineer

University of Queensland; Queensland University of Technology

Patrice Harapeti - Studiosity

Patrice Harapeti

Software Engineer

University of Technology Sydney

Richard Phillis - Studiosity

Richard Phillis

DevOps Engineer


Alena Kalvanyjam - Studiosity

Alena Kalvanyjam


Macquarie University

Chantelle Perreau - Studiosity

Chantelle Perreau

Partner Services Libraries & Business Process Manager 

Sydney University; Sydney Conservatorium of Music; TAFE NSW

Why we do what we do:


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