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Meet our team

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Jack Goodman - Founder of Studiosity

Jack Goodman

Founder, Executive Chair

Jack has been an educational technology visionary and entrepreneur for more than two decades, both overseas and in Australia. He founded Studiosity 14 years ago, with a vision to make the highest quality academic study support accessible to every student, regardless of their geographic or socio-economic circumstances. As an active volunteer for education-related organisations, he mentors EduGrowth's edtech start-ups, and is the president of Friends of Libraries Australia (FOLA), encouraging the use and improvement of library and information services across Australia.

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Mike Larsen - CEO at Studiosity

Michael Larsen


Previously a Senior Director at Monster.com in Boston, Massachusetts - Mike brings over 15 years of sales, marketing and general management experience to the Studiosity team. Originally from WA, Mike is a keen skier, cyclist and surfer, as well as the proud father of two energetic little boys.

Chris Fitzpatrick - General Manager at Studiosity

Chris Fitzpatrick

General Manager

Father of two, Chris joined Studiosity to give a bit more meaning to a 25-year career in the education technology sector. Chris loves coaching his kids’ sports teams and understands the difference the right advice at the right time can make, whether it’s hitting a ball or doing long division for the first time. He enjoys reading, growing vegies, and running around a cricket field on hot days.

Hema Prakash - Studiosity

Héma Prakash

Head, Partnerships Asia-Pacific

Héma has recently returned to Sydney to be with her family having spent the better part of the last 2 decades in Hong Kong, London, New York and Singapore. An alumnus of the Australian National University, Héma believes that the symbiosis of education and technology, with the limitless possibilities it brings, is the key to growth and development both on an individual and global level. Héma was at the forefront of the internet in its infancy and has worked in the Impact Innovation space, raising capital for projects that positively impact the environment, and women’s participation in education and the workforce in the developing world.

Ged Benn - Studiosity

Gerard Benn

Director, Tertiary Partnerships

Gerard hails from beautiful Cape Town where he began his career in financial services. Armed with business and technology qualifications he soon found he was most excited when talking about world changing software. Passionate about education and learning and having had exposure to this world in South Africa, UK and Australia, he has now settled into the eLearning space in Melbourne where he enjoys the impressive variety of attractions the city has to offer.

David Patrao - Studiosity

David Patrao

Director, School Partnerships

David has worked within the K12 Education space for over 25 years. In this time he has been an active leader in the use of IT in Education - being a State Reviewer, sitting on Yr 12 Exam Setting Panels, Curriculum development panels and a board member of the Victorian IT teachers Association. David has worked in the Vic Department of Education’s eLearning unit, and ventured into corporate land when he joined the Apple Education team in Australia. In 2004, David received the VITTA Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of the work he had done both in the classroom and supporting other teachers.

Sophia Gardner - Studiosity

Sophia Gardner

Student Experience & Engagement Manager

After working in journalism for a few years, Sophia quickly realised she spent far too many hours on the internet and landed a job in digital marketing - and has never looked back. Sophia has worked in Australia and London on a number of education and global consumer brands. She's passionate about making the student experience the best it possibly can be.

Sarah Crossing - Studiosity

Sarah Crossing

Director, Marketing- Asia-Pacific

Sarah grew up in Sydney, then in Northern California, then back in Sydney. After seven different schools, Sarah continued study at USYD followed by post-grad at CSU. Ten years sales, marketing, and communications experience in finance and education, six years supporting universities, schools, and local government.

Evelyn Levisohn - Studiosity

Evelyn Levisohn

Marketing Manager, Asia-Pacific

Evelyn grew up in Sydney but spent most of her adult life in London. Returning home has given her a new enthusiasm for all things Australian, so now she lives in Bondi like a right tourist, with her baby son and husband. Deeply interested in words and their infinite uses, when she’s not moonlighting as a professional cat-sitter, you’ll likely find her watching Woody Allen films or reading sci fi novels.

Woody Allen Critic


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Mona Pradella - Studiosity

Mona Pradella

Marketing Manager, Asia-Pacific

Mona grew up in Germany where she worked in Journalism and PR while studying media pedagogics and communication science. After graduating from Sydney Uni, she worked on communication strategies for major Australian brands as well as small start-ups. After studying and working in two different countries, Mona is passionate about giving more students the opportunity to make the most out of their education.

Andrea Collings - Studiosity

Andrea Collings

Marketing Manager, UK

Andrea, having spent all her life in London, is now happily based in Brighton, UK (well Hove ‘actually’ as the colloquial expression goes) achieving the magical work/beach life balance with kids, cats and husband. She has worked in marketing for many years – ranging from online start-ups to one of the big(gest) STM information providers. Andrea has a true passion for communicating information to students, educators and professionals which can – in some small way – help contribute to successful career goals and aspirations.

Stephanie Saunders - Studiosity

Stephanie Saunders

Marketing Manager, Asia-Pacific

Stephanie has always called the Northern Beaches home, or ‘Summer Bay’ which is easier to recognise! After utilising her Master’s thesis to help market a start-up, Stephanie delved into the world of media and advertising, working within both the Australian and UK markets across a variety of global consumer brands. Stephanie was exposed to struggling students whilst moonlighting as a teacher’s aide in a previous life and is now passionate about promoting a service that supports and enhances student confidence and skill.

Dr Lesley Halliday - Studiosity

Dr Lesley Halliday

Head, Academic Services

Lesley swapped idyllic rural Derbyshire in the UK for Sydney's Northern Beaches in 2007. She has over 20 years experience working as an academic in Australia and the UK and is a lifelong learning 'addict' and passionate about the powerful holistic impact of positive learning experiences on students. In 2009, while working at the University of Sydney, she received an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation Award for her 'outstanding contribution to the student learning experience.' She has two adult sons, two dogs, and one husband who keep her busy and in her free time likes to run, walk or generally keep active.

Jill McGuire - Studiosity

Jill McGuire

Director, Education & Academic Operations

Jill is a strong believer in the transformative power of education and is one of Studiosity’s greatest fans! She discovered the Studiosity service many years ago, while trying to find online study support for her young daughters. After seeing the incredible difference Studiosity made in improving the educational confidence levels of her own children, she became committed to ensuring more students across the world can access on-demand support wherever possible. When she’s not creating online learning resources for Studiosity’s Subject Specialists you’ll find Jill in her veggie garden or at the beach.

Judy Iland - Studiosity

Judy Iland

Quality Assurance Manager

Judy has a passion for providing quality educational support to all students so the Studiosity philosophy has always been a good fit. After a career in environmental science, she worked as a teacher aide, supporting students with special needs, and in school administration. She then homeschooled her twin boys for several years. During that time, Judy established and ran a successful face-to-face tutoring business before joining the company as a tutor in 2009, enjoying many an afternoon/evening working with her online students in thousands of sessions. After several years in a tutor mentoring role, Judy was appointed as Quality Assurance Manager (Connect Live) in April 2017. Spending time with family, reading, tackling maths problems (not the really hard stuff),walking her dogs and swimming keep her out of trouble most of the time.

Kate Dekker - Studiosity

Kate Dekker

Quality Assurance Manager

Kate has a strong background in employment and training, and a keen interest in adolescent and adult education. A self-professed lifelong student, she is currently studying English and History at university. Kate has been tutoring English since 2009 and she manages this while running around after two gorgeous boys and hiding from storms.

Jerry Yang - Studiosity

Jerry Yang

Data Analyst, Academic Services

As a big fan of maths and stats, Jerry is fascinated by data and has embarked on a journey to pursue his passions in machine learning, deep learning and A.I. Jerry devotes most of his free time reading and exercising - his ideal way to kick start the morning is by attending a sweaty hot yoga class.

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Dianne Guise - Studiosity

Dianne Guise

Client Services Manager, WA/SA/NT

Dianne has many years experience as a strong advocate for quality education for all young people irrespective of their age, socio-economic status, culture, gender, level of ability or geographic location. As a former Legislative Assembly Member and Deputy Speaker of the Western Australian Parliament, a past President of the Western Australian Council of State Schools Organisations Inc., Dianne has extensive experience working with schools, communities, all levels of government, and the private sector.

Lisa Dart - Studiosity

Lisa Dart

Client Services Manager, VIC/TAS

Lisa comes from a Corporate and Education background with over eighteen years experience in Client Services Management. Lisa is passionate about education and the key it brings to enhancing the life choices of all learners. Lisa's favourite quote of all time is by Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." In her spare time, Lisa enjoys spending time with her three beautiful boys, travelling, meeting new people and going on crazy rides at theme parks.

Nicole Seipel - Studiosity

Nicole Seipel

Client Services Manager, QLD

Nicole comes from a background in Marketing and Education. Returning home to Brisbane in 2009, after a two year stint teaching in England, Nicole has since worked in the field of Education and Training. She is passionate about engaging and empowering all learners on their journey. In her spare time, Nicole likes taking day trips with her family, travelling, reading, and learning about the history of our world.

Scott Harrison - Studiosity

Scott Harrison

Client Services Manager, NSW/ACT

Scott is a busy dad of four with a calm and patient demeanour that is appreciated by both his clients and colleagues. When he isn't taking his kids to sporting events, he works with our partners to ensure they get the support they need to create better learning experiences for all their students.

Nadia Sundstrom - Studiosity

Nadia Sundstrom

Client Services Manager

With a Bachelor of Media in Communication and Journalism from UNSW, Nadia brings with her a passion for communication and over 6 years of experience in customer service. This, along with her savvy organisational skills, helps ensure the customer service team runs as smoothly as possible. In her spare time Nadia likes to read, go for long walks with her very spoilt dog, and is halfway through writing her first novel.

Bhavin Patel - Studiosity

Bhavin Patel

Implementation Consultant

Bhavin holds a Master in Computer Science and has an active interest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. After studying overseas, he came to Sydney in 2015 and has been working in education ever since. He enojys the new perspectives that come from working with diverse school and university communities, and being part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Aimee Hayton - Studiosity

Aimee Hayton

Tutor Recruitment and Development Coordinator

Aimee has recently moved to Sydney from Wellington, and is enjoying life living in Sydney's Northern Beaches. She studied Education and Psychology at Victoria University and worked in Human Resources/Learning and Development for large well-known corporate organisations. She is really excited to directly support Tutors so that they can deliver great learning experiences for all students.

Adam McNeil - Studiosity

Adam McNeil

Chief Technology Officer

With a background in systems administration and added experience as an online tutor, Adam manages internal systems and technical liaisons with customers. He is focused on the smooth operation of the system and making sure that any technical issues are resolved swiftly and efficiently. He holds a B.Sc. (Computing and Information Systems) from Macquarie University.

Sherwin Huang - Studiosity

Sherwin Huang

Product Designer

Originally from Singapore, Sherwin is a designer who now calls South Korea home. At work, he relentlessly pursues an understanding of what users need, and translates findings into products that are a joy to use. He is always on the lookout for different ways of solving problems and new ideas. This means that he has to try very hard not to think about work while he spends time with family and partakes in music and exercise.

Brendon Low - Studiosity

Brendon Low

Software Engineer

A man on a mission, Brendon has diverged from his marketing background (Bachelor of Marketing, Macquarie University) and has entered the technology world working closely with system operations and software development. Hoping to one day conquer the world with his wife in hand, he has settled to educate our future....... for now.

Scott Harvey - Studiosity

Scott Harvey

Software Engineer

Scott is a web developer from Sydney who has written software for companies both big and small. When not creating software he loves to ride, run and generally get outside and see the world. He enjoys working with a wide range of technologies and building products that people love.

Andrew Bromwich - Studiosity

Andrew Bromwich

Software Engineer

Andrew is an avid tech fanatic from sunny Brisvegas. In his spare time he enjoys playing soccer and getting his hands dirty experimenting with his assortment of computer controlled machinery. Andrew loves to travel and wander off the map but has an uncanny knack of finding his way home. He holds Bachelor degrees in Software and Electronic Engineering from QUT.

Lee Webb - Studiosity

Lee Webb

DevOps Engineer

Lee is a DevOps Engineer who specialises in breaking & then re-engineering systems for resilience & performance in a variety of industries. When not playing puppet master to fluffy white computer clouds, Lee spends his time racing bicycles in the picturesque Southern Highlands of NSW. He holds a Bachelor of Aviation from UNSW but enjoyed Aerobatics in biplanes far too much to become an Airline Pilot.

Christine Vinaviles - Studiosity

Christine Vinaviles

Technical Support Officer

Currently completing a Bachelor of Engineering (ICT Software) Diploma in Engineering Practice at UTS, Christine loves tinkering with computers, listening to good music and pushing boundaries like being home at 6pm. She also plays guitar, ukulele and piano during her spare time.

Chantelle Perreau - Studiosity

Chantelle Perreau

Senior Manager, Quality and Culture

As a former teacher for over ten years, Chantelle is passionate about education. With a Bachelor of Music from the Sydney Conservatorium and a Masters of Teaching from the University of Sydney, Chantelle enjoys spending time with her husband and visiting her family in Perth and the USA. Her role as Senior Manager of Quality and Culture gets her to focus on making Studiosity the most wonderful place to work – and if you ask her, it already is!

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