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Peer connection for some:


Peer connection for all:


What makes Student Connect right for your university?

Anytime, anywhere course help to a strict framework of integrity, transparency, and safety. Delivered by your own students who have been there, done that, before.

Hire from top 5% of universities

Ensure course or unit help with integrity

Grow student confidence

Grow student confidence equally, regardless of mode

Access on-demand reporting

Scaled onboarding of student mentors

Efficient, holistic training of all student mentors




Your standards, meet our strict onboarding


We'll use our famous expertise in onboarding, recruitment, training, and professional development - you say who, what cohorts, when, and then you'll get on-demand reporting for it all.





Always help,
never answers.

That's why more universities
trust Studiosity's standards.

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The perfect complement for your current Studiosity support



And because everyone should have the chance to give back to their university and community


"I thought it was really good because it's flexible and it's something that I could do when I am available because I can't really commit myself to anything that has strict hours, considering studying and working as well." - Kyla Burgess, Student Mentor


"It's a good feeling to be able to help people... to give back to students who were in the same position as you were last year." - Jenna Cousins, Student Mentor


Create connections, grow confidence


"I like helping other students, not just because I get a thrill out of it, it helps me reinforce my own concepts. I like collectivism, helping each other out, because I know what it's like to not understand a concept." - Dani Gabor, Student Mentor

"Studiosity’s online peer-to-peer support offering, which is underpinned by their strict academic policies, reporting, and security, is another supplement to improved equity of access to support for all students, especially those who are currently inadvertently excluded.” 

“Students come to university to learn and succeed, and we know that student success is enabled when learners are supported, inspired, and feel that they belong to the university community.

"At-scale, online, peer-to-peer support is different from on-demand, course-content assistance. When seamlessly integrated with an institution’s other peer programs, it facilitates conversations and community building between students who might be missing out on these critical social and academic connections otherwise, whether due to full-time work, long commute times, family commitments, and/or their online study mode. The fact is, universities already deliver many opportunities for peer-to-peer collaborative learning for an enhanced student experience."

- Professor Sally Kift
Leading scholar on the first year student experience,
and Studiosity Academic Advisory Board Member