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Engagement, authentic learning, and connection to community,

from their very first day.


Switch it on, in your existing Studiosity service. 

Your own digital peer program for commencing students, supported by our globally-trusted QA and technology.

Hire from top 5% of universities

LMS, LTI integration

No external apps, access stays within your LMS for easier access, frictionless UX, and to grow a culture of integrity and appropriate help seeking.

Grow student confidence

Grow all programs

Mentors are trained to your standards, with referrals from all interactions back into your teaching and learning ecosystem.

Reach out, reach in

Dedicated, consistent mentoring pairs means that Mentors can check in to engage, to prompt, or drive engagement.

Fair work

Your Mentors get a fair chance for work experience and professional development with their own group of Mentees to engage.



Grow outcomes, not admin


With built in, inalienable, assurances: robust academic quality, student satisfaction, and ease of set up, delivery, engagement, and reporting. Delivery and engagement are included, so you can focus on results.


Let your university culture shine through thousands of peer interactions, while you leave the onboarding, recruitment, training, financial management, and professional development to us.





Always help,
never answers.

That's why more universities
trust Studiosity.

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Holistic, authentic learning outcomes



The Mentor experience is a rewarding and flexible role during their senior years.


Student Mentor Danny describes how Student Connect works-low

"I thought it was really good because it's flexible and it's something that I could do when I am available because I can't really commit myself to anything that has strict hours, considering studying and working as well."
- Kyla, Student Mentor, Second Year Undergraduate

"It's a good feeling to be able to help people... to give back to students who were in the same position as you were last year."
- Jenna, Student Mentor, Second Year Undergraduate

"I like helping other students, not just because I get a thrill out of it, it helps me reinforce my own concepts. I like collectivism - helping each other out. And because I know what it's like to not understand a concept."
- Dani Gabor, Student Mentor, Second Year undergraduate

Because confidence and participation are critical to success.


"I found her communication super helpful and clear. She helped me access some reading materials I need for my course. I feel like I now know what I need to do."
- Nissi, First year undergraduate

"Just talking to someone about what I needed help with was great."
- Bonnie, First year undergraduate

"Very helpful, feeling more confident now. Will definitely use this service again if everyone else is as helpful as her!"
- Shazia, First year undergraduate


Sally-Kift-Studiosity-AAB-Member"Studiosity’s online peer-to-peer support offering, which is underpinned by their strict academic policies, reporting, and security, is another supplement to improved equity of access to support for all students, especially those who are currently inadvertently excluded.

"When seamlessly integrated with an institution’s other peer programs, it facilitates conversations and community building between students who might be missing out on these critical social and academic connections otherwise, whether due to full-time work, long commute times, family commitments, and/or their online study mode."

- Professor Sally Kift
Leading scholar on the first year student experience,
and Studiosity Academic Advisory Board Member