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Common accounting mistakes and how to avoid them

Apr 24, 2018

Accounting, whether we enjoy it or not, is crucial in almost any business environment. This is why so many programs at tertiary level require you to take at least one accounting course during your study. This can be particularly difficult for students who ‘don’t see the point’ or think that an accounting course is a ‘waste of time’. But even for those of you actually studying accounting, it is important to realise some of the key mistakes that are easy to make, but also easy to avoid – if you know how. In my time as a Studiosity specialist, many of the same issues seem to crop up again and again with accounting students.

Why feedback is an essential tool for success at NAPLAN

Apr 20, 2018

As students prepare for their upcoming NAPLAN exams, the debate surrounding the effectiveness or otherwise of these basic numeracy and literacy tests rages on. 

Effective learning methods: The importance of formative feedback

Apr 13, 2018

Feedback is an essential part of the learning process no matter the subject matter. People will always want to improve their performance, whether at work, school or university, or even just learning a new hobby, which is possible through constant feedback.

It's not business, it's just personal: Stories from inside Studiosity

Mar 27, 2018
"I have always thought, how am I going to step out the door today and make the world a better place?" says Héma Prakash, who has been Head of Partnerships   at Studiosity since 2017 .

"What can I do today that positively impacts someone's life?"

UA 2018: Winners, losers, and big themes for higher education

Mar 21, 2018

A few weeks ago, the nation’s vice chancellors - supported by hundreds of deputy and pro-vice chancellors, deans, and other members of the senior leadership teams - assembled in Canberra for their annual gathering at the Universities Australia Higher Education Conference. With the summer holidays behind them and the academic year barely underway, it seems logical that the mood would be relaxed, upbeat and optimistic, much the way many of us recall feeling at the start of the school year, with a clean backpack full of fresh notebooks, new pens, and sharp pencils.

How our Subject Specialists support students anywhere

Mar 13, 2018

I am lucky in my role that I get to constantly interact with all of our Subject Specialists. And without a doubt, I have met some of the most altruistic and inspiring people here. We have an amazing and diverse team that spans across genders, ages, countries, cultures and backgrounds, just like the students who seek assistance from our services. We are lucky enough to employ some of the brightest minds around the globe, and for all their differences, they all have the same drive and passion: to give students the support and tools to advance in their education. Therefore, every year, one of our specialists receives the Subject Specialist of the Year award for their outstanding service to students everywhere. 

Narrative vs Persuasive Essays

Mar 7, 2018

How do you distinguish between narrative and persuasive essays? A simple search tells us that a narrative essay tells a story, while a persuasive essay makes an argument. However, English specialist, Jeanie Tseng, tells us why it's not as easy as that. 

University vs. TAFE: What’s the best option for employment?

Mar 5, 2018

Thanks to Ross Gittins (writing in the Sydney Morning Herald), we now know that the conventional wisdom about going to university turns out to be wrong. In fact, you won’t earn (much) more money with a bachelor’s degree than you will with a certificate III from TAFE, and because universities have over-enrolled students for the last several years, we have too many graduates who aren’t likely to find satisfactory employment.

Are our universities future proof?

Feb 27, 2018

Experts argue that contemporary issues are 'threatening' our current higher education model: Employer and student expectations, technological disruption, or reduced government funding. Are our universities responding - and adapting - to our rapidly developing world to stay relevant? Studiosity Founder and Executive Chair Jack Goodman says they haven't yet.

Is there a future for the university campus?

Feb 21, 2018

According to new research conducted in 2018,* 1 in 5 Australian students believe physical campuses won’t exist in 20 years’ time.  The response was certainly anticipated of tech savvy millennials.  However, surprisingly, those aged 34 – 41 years of age, and those registered as part-time students, were the two most prominent groups to believe this, whilst women and international students were the least to question physical campus existence 20 years from now.