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Are You Spending or Investing? Choosing the Right Partner for Academic Support.

Nov 2, 2017

The business of running universities has never been as fraught as it is today. Budgets are tight, and economic models are changing as student expectations and the maturation of online course delivery transform the learning experience.

In this environment it’s hardly surprising that many universities are looking to solve budget challenges by looking for what appear to be fast and easy ways to trim budgets. We know something about this, at least from the perspective of our work providing supplemental, online academic support to dozens of university partners.

The pressure to “save money” can lead to short-sighted processes where a “cost per minute” or a “budget expenditure figure” become all-important. “Box-ticking” exercises aside, there are 5 factors that decision makers should be considering that will lead to better outcomes for universities, their students, and their financial bottom line. They are:

Things we’d say to our favourite teachers, now

Oct 27, 2017

Teaching can be a tough and fairly thankless job, so we wanted to take the opportunity today, as National Teachers’ Day, to celebrate and honour teachers everywhere for the work they do (and have done).

Turning Gamers into Writers

Oct 12, 2017

I was having breakfast the other Saturday with my kids, after sport got cancelled. Some of the team, the boys, were all sitting together, and some of these teenage boys began describing how they write a school assignment. It was something of an eye-opener, for me at least. This is an extract from Jack's full presentation at the National Boys Education Conference, hosted at The King's School Parramatta. 

Is ignorance power? The constant confusion of Homo Deus

Oct 11, 2017

In his equally fascinating and slightly depressing way, Yuval Noah Harari tells a Brief History of Tomorrow in his future-oriented sequel to Sapiens, Homo Deus (2017).

How To Maximise Pre-Exam Study

Oct 10, 2017

For many people it's the last couple of weeks before exams, so how do you study?  You have multiple exams in a small period, and you'll be better prepared and more confident about some than others.  Which approaches give the best returns with the least time requirements?  What's going to be most effective?  How do you hammer down the weak spots without losing touch with what's working?

On incrementalism, the new mobile app, and more. A recap of the 2017 Studiosity Symposium.

Sep 22, 2017

It’s Studiosity Symposium week and that means we announce new services, features, and open the floor to hear feedback for future service development from the people who matter most. Without doubt, the most heated topics were change management, student employability, and student care (domestic and international). Most anticipated? The student mobile app. Here's the photo-heavy recap.

3 Ways To Start Your Term 4 Exam Preparation Now

Sep 12, 2017

Whatever grade you are in, at some point in in Term 4 you are going to sit your end-of-year exams, and the school holidays are the perfect time to start getting prepared so that you're feeling confident and organised.

Here are three things you should be doing right now to get on top of your Term 4 exam prep.

How Parents Can Help Their Kids In Year 11 And 12

Sep 1, 2017
Having kids in Year 11 and 12 can be tricky business. It's a time when your kids are discovering their own independence, taking more responsibility for themselves and their actions, and making some big decisions.

Parents have an important role in supporting their kids through this time, but one of the best things you can do is to relax. Be supportive, rather than overbearing, and help them find a balance where they can take control of their own studies, but also have some relief when the pressure gets too much. 

Noun: The quality of being studious

Aug 30, 2017

Farewell YourTutor, welcome Studiosity! It's no small feat to change a business name, and for us it carried even more weight knowing that it had repercussions for a million people - students, educators, and our own team. But late last year, we decided to take the leap.

Most common free tools for essay success

Jul 18, 2017

When it comes to getting help with an essay, many students don’t really know where to turn.

Especially for ESL students, or if you’re returning to study after many years - confidence in academic writing does not come easily.

If you’re lucky enough you might have peers, family members, or teachers who can provide a ‘second set of eyes’, but what can you do when that’s not an option, or when you want more external, professional help?