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Equal opportunity for regional, rural, and remote students

Dec 14, 2017

It's time to bridge the geographical divide, which still shapes educational privilege in Australia. We are at a point in history where equity of support is entirely possible, at-scale, and the benefits of just-in-time, personal, formative feedback are well documented and proven. Here is Studiosity's response to the National Independent Review into Regional, Rural, and Remote Education.

Four predictions for student success in Australia’s knowledge economy

Apr 1, 2017

Today's model of education delivery has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years. Educational change is not entered into lightly, and rightly so - as a society we need to ensure the best for students, for teachers, for social and economic well-being. Nevertheless, it's clear now that employers, students, and their families in Australia’s knowledge-based economy are getting impatient. So we brought together experts from two leading universities and two leading secondary schools, to help shine a light on the future of formal learning.

Why Australia can't afford to lose HEPPP

Apr 22, 2016

When he took over as Prime Minister just seven months ago, Malcolm Turnbull did so with a commitment to lead the nation through an urgent transformation into a knowledge-based economy. “We are living at the most exciting time,” he said, acknowledging the changes happening to the global economy. To fully participate in this revolution, he explained that Australia needs to build a national workforce with strong science, technology, engineering and maths skills to drive a culture of innovation. It's an inspiring vision.

A Solution to "Degrees of Deception": The obligation to international students

Apr 28, 2015
Earlier this week the ABC aired an investigation into Australia's universities entitled " Degrees of Deception." 
As the title suggests, the report dug into an issue that's been known about for years, though not often discussed: The conflict of interest that sits at the centre of much of the international student recruitment and education business.