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Is ignorance power? The constant confusion of Homo Deus

Oct 11, 2017

In his equally fascinating and slightly depressing way, Yuval Noah Harari tells a Brief History of Tomorrow in his future-oriented sequel to Sapiens, Homo Deus (2017).

Google And Parents Steering 84% of Aussie Students In the Wrong Direction

Feb 19, 2016

Up to 84% of students across the country turning to Google and their parents for homework help are risking poor learning outcomes, according to new research.

8 Ways Responsible Internet Use Can Benefit Families

Jan 11, 2016

Parenting in the modern age can be overwhelming at times. The headlines are full of online dangers regarding cyberbullies, sexting, predators, and identity theft that can leave even the most grounded parents wondering if the daily struggle with power cords and wi-fi are worth the risks. Even though our technology poses real threats, responsible Internet use can offer our families a myriad of benefits.

With a little effort and well-thought out choices, it is possible to harness our technology to strengthen familial bonds and connections. Today’s Australian teens are increasingly connected, with 82 per cent of our children saying the Internet is very important to them and half of our teens admitting it is extremely important. To drive this concept home, 72 per cent of our kids go online daily and 89 per cent own mobile phones which can allow access to the digital world.