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60 Seconds With... Armando Giglia, Principal, Butler College

Mar 23, 2017

What makes a school community great? We talk to leaders about their learning culture and their own personal perspectives on Australian education today. 

Who are you meeting this week? Let's go to Western Australia...

Armando Giglia is the Principal of Butler College in WA, a longstanding YourTutor partner school thanks to the support of Edith Cowan University since 2011. We nabbed a minute of his time to find out what he thinks about modern schools, and the new challenges schools are facing.

12 Tips For A Stress-Free Start To Year 7

Jan 23, 2017

Starting high school comes with a number of mixed feelings. It’s an exciting time. So much is changing and you’re about to start a whole new set of subjects, meet new people, create new friendships and take on new challenges. While all this change is exhilarating, the fear of the unknown can also be a daunting prospect. You’re about to be a small fish in a big pond again.

So here are some tips to make sure you get off on the right foot next year.  

Understanding The Changes To HSC History

Aug 1, 2016

We've talked about the Stronger HSC Standards initiative and how it impacts the teacher of English, Maths and the Sciences, and how it better supports core literacy and numeracy. There is one other change to the senior syllabus in NSW that is worth talking about because, even though it has only just been announced, it is already subject to a lot of rumour and misinformation. I'm talking about the changes to History.

Understanding The Changes To HSC Science And Maths

Aug 1, 2016

We've previously talked about the Stronger HSC Standards reform of the HSC in NSW, and how that changes literacy and English.  These changes begin to effect students who commence Year 11 in 2018 (so, students who are currently in Year 9 or earlier).  We now want to talk about the changes to Maths, numeracy, and the sciences.

Understanding The Changes To HSC English

Jul 22, 2016

This week the Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, announced the Stronger HSC Standards initiative, with the intention of improving HSC outcomes for NSW students completing their senior schooling by reviewing the way certain subjects are taught.  These changes will affect students who commence Year 11 in 2018 (so students who are currently in Year 9 or earlier). 

Adapting High School Education For The Emerging Age of Robots

May 25, 2016
Yesterday I sat around a conference table with a group of my colleagues to discuss a topic that's critical for our organisation: innovation. There were team leaders from all the key areas of our business - not just technology and product design - but also marketing, client services, new business development and tutoring services. Several people were joining the conversation from locations across the country via video conferencing.

Is there a plague of cheating in NSW high schools?

Jun 9, 2015

Is there a plague of cheating in NSW high schools? The SMH would have us think so with its report over the weekend, headlined "Cheating 'endemic' in NSW high schools." Jack Goodman tells you four reasons why last weekend's news story is troubling for education.