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Stephanie Saunders

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Are Australian high schools preparing students for university?

May 8, 2019
University is a significant step up from high school, and many students appear to be unprepared for the type of study required in higher education.

"Flexible and accessible": How to make online learning effective

Apr 30, 2019
Online education holds several benefits, and when done well, can bring learning to more people than ever, but it needs to be flexible, accessible and timely.

Are Australian universities preparing our students for employment?

Apr 11, 2019
The main goal of university is ultimately to prepare students for employment. With rising fees, it's becoming even more important that students are able to find jobs after their studies. However, increasing student numbers means that this isn't always possible. Are Australian students really prepared for employment?

How to keep up with student demands while maintaining academic integrity

Feb 22, 2019
Students are the lifeblood of a university. They drive our professionals to seek great outcomes and shape Australia's future, so it's their demands that should shape the way universities provide educational support services. So, are universities understanding how the students of today want to learn?

Meeting the demands of Australia's growing international student population

Feb 19, 2019
The number of international students at Australian universities is growing and it's important we are able to provide them with support to reach their potential.

4 higher education trends to watch out for in Australia

Dec 12, 2018
The question of how Australian universities can remain relevant in a world where the role of higher education is constantly evolving is now an important subject.

Personal makes perfect: Why individualised feedback is key

Nov 7, 2018
Personalisation is now offered  as part of the majority of consumer services, so why is education holding back from reaping the benefits of bespoke student feedback?

How can online study support help reduce university drop out rates?

Oct 9, 2018
One in four Australian university students drops out, and much of this is caused by stress. Study-help such as Studiosity's can alleviate student stress with core skills support.

Raising writing skills for Australian students

Sep 7, 2018
After the release of the latest 2018 NAPLAN results, the question of how we ensure students develop core writing skills both in and out of school is a hot topic. Consistent feedback is imperative to the learning process, and improving literacy skills is a core value of what we do at Studiosity.

Strengthening the first year experience at university

Aug 1, 2018
The first year experience can have a huge impact on students' attitudes towards higher education. But it's often a difficult time - how can we improve it?