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How To Maximise Pre-Exam Study

Oct 10, 2017

For many people it's the last couple of weeks before exams, so how do you study?  You have multiple exams in a small period, and you'll be better prepared and more confident about some than others.  Which approaches give the best returns with the least time requirements?  What's going to be most effective?  How do you hammer down the weak spots without losing touch with what's working?

3 Ways To Start Your Term 4 Exam Preparation Now

Sep 12, 2017

Whatever grade you are in, at some point in in Term 4 you are going to sit your end-of-year exams, and the school holidays are the perfect time to start getting prepared so that you're feeling confident and organised.

Here are three things you should be doing right now to get on top of your Term 4 exam prep.

5 Tips On How To Study For The HSC Trials These Holidays

Jun 26, 2017

With the HSC Trials starting next month, now is the time to be getting serious about your study. While you definitely need a break to recharge your brain batteries, you can also use this time wisely to get ahead by getting your notes organised, honing in on your revision and brushing up on any areas you need extra support in.

How To Write A Persuasive Essay

Dec 7, 2016

It was disappointing to see that persuasive writing was not an area of strong performance in the recent NAPLAN results. Results for year seven and nine students are the lowest since NAPLAN testing began in 2008. As I've written previously, while pressuring students to achieve top marks in the tests is doing things the wrong way, NAPLAN itself is a valuable diagnostic tool when assessing entire cohorts.

7 Easy Ways To Beat Procrastination

Oct 21, 2016

Aaah, procrastination.

It's come to visit you yet again.

You're not alone, and you're in good company (as I write this article I can think of many other exciting things to do like eat a biscuit, check my emails, look at Insta, streamline my computer files, tidy my desk even).  

Understanding The Changes To HSC Science And Maths

Aug 1, 2016

We've previously talked about the Stronger HSC Standards reform of the HSC in NSW, and how that changes literacy and English.  These changes begin to effect students who commence Year 11 in 2018 (so, students who are currently in Year 9 or earlier).  We now want to talk about the changes to Maths, numeracy, and the sciences.

Understanding The Changes To HSC English

Jul 22, 2016

This week the Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, announced the Stronger HSC Standards initiative, with the intention of improving HSC outcomes for NSW students completing their senior schooling by reviewing the way certain subjects are taught.  These changes will affect students who commence Year 11 in 2018 (so students who are currently in Year 9 or earlier). 

5 Things You Should Do In Your HSC English Trial Exam

Jul 21, 2016

With HSC Trials upon students in NSW, the heat is on and now is the time to organise your notes, revise, write practice papers and make sure you understand the concepts and texts you’ve learnt over the past year.

But even the most prepared students aren't immune to a blank mind when they sit the exam. How can you prepare for that question you’ve never seen before? These options might be useful when you’re staring down at the exam page.

How To Take Awesome Notes In Class

May 18, 2016

Note-taking is a skill that is often not given the attention it deserves. Your notes are the backbone of your study; they summarise your learning, they inform your revision, they provide the context within which you can relate the things you have been taught.  Good study notes make study quicker, easier, and more effective.  The very act of taking notes in class already benefits your learning, and the process of organising them is study.

Why Healthy Sleep Is Vital For School Success

Apr 11, 2016

Not only is sleep critical in the functioning of all body systems, scientists have found a distinct correlation between our ability to learn and process memories, and our sleeping habits. Studies show too little sleep can contribute to many physical and mental health issues, including poor ability to learn, depression, high blood pressure and disease.