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UA 2018: Winners, losers, and big themes for higher education

Mar 21, 2018

A few weeks ago, the nation’s vice chancellors - supported by hundreds of deputy and pro-vice chancellors, deans, and other members of the senior leadership teams - assembled in Canberra for their annual gathering at the Universities Australia Higher Education Conference. With the summer holidays behind them and the academic year barely underway, it seems logical that the mood would be relaxed, upbeat and optimistic, much the way many of us recall feeling at the start of the school year, with a clean backpack full of fresh notebooks, new pens, and sharp pencils.

“Why should we trust you?” and other questions worth asking

Jul 18, 2017

“Never lose a holy curiosity,” said Einstein. With something as critical as a student's education, we are always asked about our operations, processes, and our subject-specialists. So we popped the hood on the engine that is Studiosity, during an on-stage Q&A session at the STARS Conference.

Four predictions for student success in Australia’s knowledge economy

Apr 1, 2017

Today's model of education delivery has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years. Educational change is not entered into lightly, and rightly so - as a society we need to ensure the best for students, for teachers, for social and economic well-being. Nevertheless, it's clear now that employers, students, and their families in Australia’s knowledge-based economy are getting impatient. So we brought together experts from two leading universities and two leading secondary schools, to help shine a light on the future of formal learning.

News: Studiosity partner unis leading equity and opportunity growth in Higher Ed

Nov 25, 2016

Last week, the Australian Financial Review Higher Education Awards 2016 honoured seven of Australia’s leading universities for their achievements in the sector, at a gala event in Melbourne.

Why Australia can't afford to lose HEPPP

Apr 22, 2016

When he took over as Prime Minister just seven months ago, Malcolm Turnbull did so with a commitment to lead the nation through an urgent transformation into a knowledge-based economy. “We are living at the most exciting time,” he said, acknowledging the changes happening to the global economy. To fully participate in this revolution, he explained that Australia needs to build a national workforce with strong science, technology, engineering and maths skills to drive a culture of innovation. It's an inspiring vision.

TAFE Series: Here's what your students get 'stuck' on out of hours

Aug 10, 2015

Sunday night is the busiest night of the week for study. And, understandably, it's a time TAFE teachers struggle to be available for student support needs without stretching out contact hours even further. So what exactly did your students need help with last night? Here's a glimpse into just a few ways your students got help with Studiosity, right when they needed it.

TAFE Series: 3 things we learned from TAFE teachers last week

Aug 6, 2015

We like to drop-in at TAFE campuses, for coffee, for lunch, and especially for a hall packed full of dedicated TAFE teachers. Last week we visited TAFE South West Sydney during their management day, as well as TAFE Western NSW and South West Institute in VIC for staff training. What did we learn from you?

TAFE Series: Are you getting through to your students? A lesson from web design.

Jul 27, 2015

Are you guilty of the 20,000 word email? Here's why you're losing your audience and wasting your time.

TAFE Series: PD now, for your next TAFE job, later

Jul 22, 2015

We're all looking for new skills and learning that can boost us into the next stage of our careers. But did you know, as TAFE teachers, using Studiosity in your pedagogy can help you transition from one job to the next? 

TAFE Series: The good news - and bad - of the personalisation trend

Jul 22, 2015

No more one-size-fits-all, personalisation has gone mainstream. How? Your supermarket shows you TimTam promotions because it knows your habit. Radio is being edged out by choose-your-own-playlist streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music. In education, students can choose when they start their course, as well as when and where they study. So what does personalisation mean for teachers? It's good news, and bad news.