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The role of timely, formative feedback

Prof Mitch Parsell, University of Tasmania

Greenwich University reviews Studiosity

Why Studiosity?

Prof Karen Bryan, Greenwich University


Behind the scenes, our Student MeetUps

Denise frame 3

Due diligence and choosing the best support service

Prof Denise Kirkpatrick, Western Sydney University


What is Studiosity?

Professor Marilyn Holness, OBE, University of Roehampton

Reaching non-traditional students

Prof Marilyn Holness, OBE, University of Roehampton


Supporting students remotely

Prof Jonathan Powles, University of the West of Scotland


Published findings, one piece of the support puzzle

Dr Mollie Dollinger, La Trobe University


Studying remotely from China

Lin Yuan, University of South Australia

Student peer review of Studiosity and help seeking UWA

Students helping students with better help-seeking

The University of Western Australia


The new academic integrity law: What it means for universities, students, and faculty

'Students First' Symposium

Advice from students to peers CSU

Advice from a student to her peers about using Studiosity

Charles Sturt University


Helping students learn to learn

Prof Sally Kift, President Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows


Digital at heart strategy

Prof Kevin Ashford-Rowe and Dr Caroline Rueckert, Queensland University of Technology


User experience (UX) and help-seeking behaviour

Jennifer Lawrence, The University of New England

For high school:


How does Studiosity support school students? Hear from Armando Giglia.


Teachers and students review Studiosity for learning outcomes. Hear from Danette Wright.


Student results at Xavier College. Hear from Simon Dash.

How Studiosity helps high school students

Here's why confidence is key, students weigh in.

Mark Humphries at Butler College reviews Studiosity

Students' ATAR results and Studiosity use. Hear from Mark Humphries.

Geoff Kinkade WA Dept Edu, on 'help not answers'

Geoff Kinkade, WA Dept Edu Gifted and Talented, on 'help not answers'

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