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How it works

Because students can be anywhere they want, study help needs to be, too.


Anywhere you are, we're there.

Studiosity is on-demand study help - from one of our Subject Specialists - with academic literacy skills and core subject support.

The 'Writing Feedback' service

"Here's my file, I'll check back later."  This service offers constructive writing feedback in less than 24 hours.

Feedback is a spotlight, showing students where they might focus attention and add more thought. Whether for future accountants, nurses, or aeronautical engineers, English language skills are critical to success and part of the integrity of a university or high school qualification.

Studiosity Writing Feedback Service
Studiosity Connect Live Service

The 'Connect Live' service

"I need help right now!"  This service offers one-to-one, personal help in real time.

A student formulates her own question, then works with one of our Subject Specialists in the interactive classroom - with chat, collaborative whiteboard, and file sharing. Because timely feedback drives confidence and perseverance. 

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Image Are Easy To Swap

Remember to change out these pictures by the way. Well, that is unless you really like talking about screens. Did you know that using this template will allow your website to show up the way you want it on every screen regardless of size? Because it absolutely will.


Secret to success? Perseverance.

We're here when the going gets tough. Give your students the confidence to persevere, to normalise academic enquiry, to independently produce more thoughtful work, and to arrive in class better prepared.

In 2018, this is what the best study support looks like.

Watch to see how Studiosity works:

Video: Everything you need to know in one 50-second video. (With subtitles, so you don't even need to get your headphones out.)

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