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Ethical study help - right now

So what's inside your free Studiosity account? Pure joy - and these three tools.

1. Get fast writing and referencing feedback

Improve your draft by getting fast, detailed, and personalised feedback, so you can feel more confident handing in your work.

For teachers: Using 'Writing Feedback', our formative English-writing feedback is a spotlight, showing students where they might focus attention and add more thought. Whether for future accountants, nurses, or aeronautical engineers, English language skills are critical to success and part of the integrity of a university or high school qualification. CVs and resumes are also accepted and feedback provided on grammar, spelling, structure and readability.


2. Get one-to-one, online study support 

Chat in the moment you need it, to work through your study questions.

Detail for teachers: A student formulates her own question, then works with one of our Subject Specialists in the interactive classroom - with typed or audio chat, collaborative whiteboard, and file sharing. Whether maths, science, English, referencing, study skills, the best help is timely help.

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3. Chat with a student at your uni

One-to-one, live, online help from another student at your university.

Detail for teachers: With the same help-not-answers approach that is core to our integrity policy, sometimes the best help - feedback, a sounding board, or for uni life - comes from a student who has been in their shoes before.

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Student Connect is student-to-student help
AWE reports on laptop

4. Academic Writing Evaluation

Just for teachers, the Academic Writing Evaluation service (AWE) prompts students to complete a writing task, that is then reviewed using Studiosity's comprehensive academic writing framework. It lets you gain insight into students' academic writing capabilities, in order to offer additional support much earlier in the semester.



Administrators, build a service for your students.


Students, find your nearest login.