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Most common free tools for essay success

Jul 18, 2017

When it comes to getting help with an essay, many students don’t really know where to turn.

Especially for ESL students, or if you’re returning to study after many years - confidence in academic writing does not come easily.

If you’re lucky enough you might have peers, family members, or teachers who can provide a ‘second set of eyes’, but what can you do when that’s not an option, or when you want more external, professional help?

Awesome Books To Read Over The School Holidays

Dec 17, 2016

The school holidays are just around the corner, and while it’s the perfect chance to have a break, it’s also a great time to lose yourself in a novel. Reading will not only keep your brain stimulated over the break, but it will help with creative thinking, improve your vocabulary and simply provide you with a wonderful form of entertainment, whether you’re transported to another country, time, place or galaxy.

So these holidays, instead of reading the back of the cereal box (again), or the comments on a YouTube video, why not try reading something new?

How To Write A Persuasive Essay

Dec 7, 2016

It was disappointing to see that persuasive writing was not an area of strong performance in the recent NAPLAN results. Results for year seven and nine students are the lowest since NAPLAN testing began in 2008. As I've written previously, while pressuring students to achieve top marks in the tests is doing things the wrong way, NAPLAN itself is a valuable diagnostic tool when assessing entire cohorts.

How To Write An Amazing Essay (On Pokémon Go)

Aug 8, 2016

Since working at Studiosity I've realised that it's not uncommon for students to have trouble putting together a well structured, consistent piece of writing - whether it be a narrative, essay, report or other writing task.  

10 quotes on discovery for HSC English

Aug 1, 2016

As 'Discovery' makes up the Area of Study for all HSC students studying English this year, we want to share some of our favourite quotes on the topic. 

Notions of discovery can vary greatly, and there are a number of different types you could explore; discovering something new, rediscovery, self-discovery, discovery of people, discovery of places and more. 

5 Things You Should Do In Your HSC English Trial Exam

Jul 21, 2016

With HSC Trials upon students in NSW, the heat is on and now is the time to organise your notes, revise, write practice papers and make sure you understand the concepts and texts you’ve learnt over the past year.

But even the most prepared students aren't immune to a blank mind when they sit the exam. How can you prepare for that question you’ve never seen before? These options might be useful when you’re staring down at the exam page.

Three Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Jul 20, 2016

When you're submitting lots of assignments, or when you don't fully understand a topic, or when you don't want to spend the time doing comprehensive research, it's tempting to just copy a snippet of what someone else has said and claim that as your own work.  It's tempting, but don't do it.  As tempting as it is to take a short-cut, this is plagiarism.

Why Star Wars Books Are Must-Reads

Dec 17, 2015

I’m a big Star Wars fan, and in the lead up to Episode 7, it’s a great time to talk about my favorite part of the galaxy far, far away: The books. 

I loved Star Wars from a very young age (I was 9 in 1997 when the remastered version of A New Hope hit theatres), and it was the first time I’d felt fully immersed in a fantastical world. I wanted more Star Wars, and fortunately after watching the movies time and time again, I discovered that hundreds of books had been written in that universe.

Three Ways To Inspire Your Children's Writing

Jun 29, 2015

Follow Studiosity's board Literature on Pinterest.  Creative writing is a valuable skill that every child benefits by developing.  Engaging writing is key to speeches and persuasive pieces, which are common tasks in senior education, and in life generally. Writing narratives equips a student to analyse the writing of others.  And at a really basic level, the more you read and write, the more your vocabulary and your literacy grow, making creative writing important to all primary-age students.

Writing narratives equips a student to analyse the writing of others.  And at a really basic level, the more you read and write, the more your vocabulary and your literacy grow, making creative writing important to all primary-age students.

America's New Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera

Jun 24, 2015

Juan Felipe Herrera has been announced as America's new poet laureate, and he is a fantastic choice. People talk about poetry's ability to communicate culture, and people, and place in a succinct way, and Herrera's work does that.

His work often deals with the question of identity in a multicultural society.  He has been described as a uniquely American voice, but I don't agree; his poems have as much resonance here in Australia, especially now as we struggle with the question of what it means to be a multicultural society.