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How To Write A Persuasive Essay

Dec 7, 2016
It was disappointing to see that persuasive writing was not an area of strong performance in the recent NAPLAN results. While pressuring students to achieve top marks in the NAPLAN tests is doing things the wrong way, they are valuable diagnostic tool when assessing entire cohorts.

Why your kids should study over the school holidays

Jul 3, 2015
During the school holidays it’s important to ensure a healthy study routine is kept up so that the hard work put in throughout Term 1 isn’t lost.

NAPLAN: To practise or not to practise, that is the question

May 7, 2015
Should you study for NAPLAN? Should children be cramming for what is a basic skills test? Can practice really help?

Should parents help their children with homework?

Feb 27, 2015
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8 ways parents can help their kids survive the back to school slump

Feb 2, 2015
8 simple things parents can do to help their kids survive the back to school slump.