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International Women's Week also tells a story about the power of mothers and family

Mar 6, 2020
For International Women's Week, women from the Studiosity team met with with leaders in education and business, to hear from two of the worlds-most incredible and determined women, Dr Kekenya Ntaiya and Mahboba Rawi OAM, at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Here's what we learned.

The Role of Universities in Modern Democracies: Riddles & Paradoxes

Feb 28, 2020
A defining moment in Australia's higher education sector, The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG, presented his keynote address at the Universities Australia conference, Canberra, 26 February 2020. Here's what he said.

UA Conference 2020 - Summary of keynotes and themes

Feb 26, 2020
Whether you missed Day 1 of Universities Australia 2020, or just want to re-live some of the keynotes and highlights, make sure you read Jack Goodman's inimitable observations.

5 Tips To Ace The UCAT Exam

Feb 16, 2020
The UCAT is by no means an easy test, and often it is the smallest things that determine how well you do on the exam. Here are some are some useful tips to help you nail your UCAT exam.

Studiosity partners with CSIRO’S Data61 to enhance the student experience with AI

Feb 13, 2020
A new partnership between Studiosity and CSIRO's Data61 will see development of AI to enhance the student experience, with human connection.

Real students, real outcomes... real donuts.

Feb 6, 2020
Behind the scenes of a Studiosity student meetup: what happens when a diverse group come together to discuss 24/7 online study help?

Balancing marking and workload - reflections from a classroom teacher

Jan 28, 2020
Being a teacher can be stressful. How can teachers best support their students writing and give personalised feedback without increasing their workload? We have ideas.

How to use your time at university to boost your CV

Jan 10, 2020
Students can do many things to enhance and enrich their CVs while still at uni. Here we give some practical advice and tips for current university students.

A privilege and responsibility, a message from our CEO on Studiosity's social mission

Jan 6, 2020
When is social responsibility a privilege? When we get to form partnerships with organisations like these. Hear from the CEO of Australia's study support service, now available for 1.67 million students globally.

How I used Studiosity to get a 97.60 ATAR (and have fun while doing it)

Dec 20, 2019
The story of how Mariam used Studiosity to get a really high ATAR of 97.60, and her best tips for students looking to do the same.