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Transcript: Don Kilburn, CEO, University of Massachusetts Online on Reimagining HE 🎧

Nov 24, 2023
Don Kilburn, CEO of University of Massachusetts Online and online learning expert, brings 30 years experience with him to this conversation with Studiosity’s Chief Academic Officer, Prof Judyth Sachs. They discuss grit and college basketball; underserved learners; and shifting focus from faculty and revenue, to mission and outcomes. Listen in as Don and Judyth discuss new educational systems and what it really means to serve students.

Transcript: Dr Arthur Levine, President Emeritus at Teachers College - Columbia University on Reimagining HE 🎧

Nov 15, 2023
President Emeritus at Teachers College - Columbia University, chats to Prof Judyth Sachs, about reinventing universities. They discuss formative assessment in practice; why universities need to regain traction, look outward, and bind with community; and Arthur shares what he would change if he could redesign universities.

Students, ideas and donuts: Our Sydney Meet Up

Nov 13, 2023
Last week, we held a Student Focus Group event in our Sydney HQ, where 15 students from all over Sydney, and eight institutions, joined us to provide invaluable feedback on our service, and brainstorm ideas for future product development.

Student view: A day in the life of a mature-aged Creative Writing student

Oct 11, 2023
Suzanne is a mature-aged, Creative Writing student at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and shares her story and advice for anyone else going back to study as a mature-aged student.

How to structure paragraphs using the PEEL method

Sep 1, 2023
You may have heard of the acronym PEEL, but what exactly does it mean? And how can it help you? We’re here to explain it all, plus give you some tips on how to nail your next essay.

University of Lincoln School of Education: A Case Study for Improving Academic Writing - transcript

Aug 31, 2023
A Studiosity partner event transcript blog - read how University of Lincoln are improving the quality of academic writing and attainment for MA students, and how student usage data is informing other University services.

Student view: A day in the life of a full-time, online Nursing student

Aug 22, 2023
Vangeal is a mature-aged, Nursing student at CQUniversity in Townsville, Australia, and shares her tips on how to juggle study, work and family - whilst still having fun. 

Advancing student wellbeing in 2024 - a Students First symposium

Aug 14, 2023
How has technological, economic, and political disruption impacted students’ engagement, motivation, and resilience? How are Australian and New Zealand universities responding to this, to protect students' wellbeing?

Student view: Succeeding as an international student

Jul 26, 2023
UTS student Hyunmin Lee shares some of his insights and tips as an international student studying in Australia. 

Beyond Borders: Toward a shared student experience - panel session recap

Jun 23, 2023
Three expert panelists discuss the transnational student experience from the leadership perspective, from Monash Malaysia, Curtin Singapore and University of Wollongong Global.