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How can online study support help reduce university drop out rates?

Oct 9, 2018
One in four Australian university students drops out, and much of this is caused by stress. Study-help such as Studiosity's can alleviate student stress with core skills support.

How To Get Easy Marks In An Exam

Sep 20, 2018
With exams around the corner, we've got some tips that will help you squeeze a few more marks out of your test paper.

4 study hacks that actually work

Sep 13, 2018
Why spend 10 hours learning a chapter when you can nail it in two? Let's have a look at ways to streamline your working process.

Raising writing skills for Australian students

Sep 7, 2018
After the release of the latest 2018 NAPLAN results, the question of how we ensure students develop core writing skills both in and out of school is a hot topic. Consistent feedback is imperative to the learning process, and improving literacy skills is a core value of what we do at Studiosity.

Contract cheating in Australian higher education: Implications for teaching and learning

Aug 31, 2018
Presented at the 2018 Studiosity Symposium, Associate Professor Tracey Bretag summarises the key findings of the research project to explore the relationship between contract cheating and assessment design, and its implications for teaching and learning in higher education.

What it's like to be a writing specialist at Studiosity

Aug 31, 2018
In 2015, Sam Kenny was looking for part-time work that would help her make a little extra money while still tying into her degree subject. She found a job that not only ticked these boxes, but was also flexible around her uni schedule and hugely rewarding. What she found was Studiosity.

Students first: Recap of the 2018 Studiosity Symposium

Aug 21, 2018
26 institutions, one room, two days. See what was discussed at the 3rd annual Studiosity Symposium.

Strengthening the first year experience at university

Aug 1, 2018
The first year experience can have a huge impact on students' attitudes towards higher education. But it's often a difficult time - how can we improve it?

5 Most Frequently Asked Maths Questions

Jun 20, 2018
Here are the top five most frequently asked Maths questions, the most common issues or mistakes that students make and tips on how you can work around them.

The perfect partnership: Working and studying with Studiosity

May 25, 2018
Christine Vinaviles' work for Studiosity is the perfect partnership. For Christine, putting what she learns in her Software Engineering Bachelors into practice has been invaluable. For Studiosity, hearing Christine's perspective on university life has been essential to providing the best service possible.