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A privilege and responsibility, a message from our CEO on Studiosity's social mission

Michael Larsen

Michael Larsen

Jan 6, 2020

This is Mike's message from Studiosity's 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility policy document.

We are unceasingly inspired by our vision of increasing life chances for students, which we view as both a privilege and an important responsibility.

Of course, we are fortunate to be participating in an organisation whose very model and mission is founded in social responsibility: ubiquitous access to personal study help for everyone.

The Studiosity team is dedicated, day in and out to delivering this education mission alongside our university, institutional, school, and government partners.

"Of course, we are fortunate to be participating in an organisation whose very model and mission is founded in social responsibility: ubiquitous access to personal study help for everyone."

As part of this mission, I am immensely proud of the financial and program donations we have made at numerous organisations over many years. I encourage to you to find out more about these incredible organisations and our partnerships with them:

In early 2020, the University of Papua New Guinea and Studiosity began to plan for the free provision of $100,000 in one-to-one student support to the university's students. The partnership will seek to fulfil our mission to increase life chances for students everywhere, and in particular, to further that mission with Australia's closest neighbour. It is our pleasure to support Papua New Guinea’s next generation of leaders.

The UN Girls Education Initiative has stated that “Girls education is critical in terms of what it can achieve in raising families out of poverty and accelerating economic development for the community. It has a multiplier effect like no other.” We are honoured to support the Australian charity, The Harding Miller Education Foundation in their mission to lift the educational achievements and career aspirations of high potential girls who are facing disadvantage. Since their founding in 2015 we have provided one-to-one support to girls in the foundation and are proud to continue in 2020 and beyond.

The Aurora High School Program is an intensive, six-year academic and cultural program for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Year 8 students living in South Western Australia. Studiosity provides personal, online study support at no charge to all students to complement the dedicated Aurora teams. The foundation's vision is a future where there is no education gap and where the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians achieve equitable participation at the highest level – in the professions, in boardrooms and across government.

Driven by admiration for the work and leadership of Adam Goodes and Michael O’Loughlin, Studiosity's CEO Michael Larsen reached out in 2016 to offer our services to students. Going one further, Adam spoke candidly about our one-to-one service and mission on camera, to inspire students all around Australia to pursue their education dreams, together with Studiosity's dedicated support. In 2020 again, we look forward to working alongside the GO Foundation to support their high school and university students.

Working with 13 projects in 9 developing, cricket-loving nations, The LBW Trust is creating transformational change through education, providing both tertiary & vocational opportunities to some of the most impoverished students around the globe.  Lisa McIntyre is Founding Director of Studiosity, and 'Women for Change' champion for the LBW Trust, and she explains: "When the opportunity arose several years ago, we jumped at the chance to begin supporting a wonderful charity, the LBW Trust: Learning for a Better World – that funds life-changing educational opportunities in the developing world."

All are organisations that share our passion for creating life chances, and we work in true partnership, learning and contributing together.

It is my sincere belief that our long-term organisational success is entirely dependent upon an unwavering commitment to increasing life chances. Our Corporate Social Responsibility program must continuously demonstrate this commitment to our staff and educational partners.

Michael Larsen is CEO of Studiosity


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