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Why we need to give students reasons NOT to cheat

Mar 20, 2015
In the wake of student expulsions from several universities, Jack Goodman examines motivations for cheating, and alternative solutions.

Why our universities need to speed up the inevitable

Mar 16, 2015
There is a close association between the dramatic savings universities can achieve using new technologies, and the desire to reduce the cost of higher education.

Thank you Sir Terry Pratchett

Mar 13, 2015
Today is a sad day, as it marks the passing of Sir Terry Pratchett. To call him an author is to barely scratch the surface. He wrote over 70 books, more than 40 of them in the famous Discworld series.

How many digits of Pi do you really need?

Mar 13, 2015
To celebrate annual Pi Day, we wanted to share our thoughts on the mathematical constant and some ideas on how you can celebrate.

On the road to Universities Australia

Mar 10, 2015
YourTutor provides crucial support to tertiary institutions in aiding student retention - which is why we're excited to be part of the Universities Australia Conference in Canberra.

Playlist: 12 top TED Talks

Mar 6, 2015
We asked around the YourTutor office for people's favourite TED Talk, and we think you’ll like the playlist we've curated around education, art, science and technology.

Five study snacks to boost your brain power

Mar 2, 2015
Instead of reaching for processed foods and quick burn sugar hits, do your brain and body a favour and opt for healthy choices.