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What's the deal with Adventure Time? A parents guide

May 21, 2015
Adventure Time is one of the most popular cartoons out there. But does it teach good lessons, or is it just the fast-food of the television world?

Dialogue and dinosaurs: A critical analysis of Jurassic Park

May 15, 2015
Fiach Smyth shares his critical analysis of one the scenes from Jurassic Park, and shows how you analyse dialogue in a film - something which a lot of students struggle with.

NAPLAN: To practise or not to practise, that is the question

May 7, 2015
Should you study for NAPLAN? Should children be cramming for what is a basic skills test? Can practice really help?

Star Wars literature: The stories you haven't seen

May 4, 2015
As it's May 4th, YourTutor’s, Director of Statistical Analysis, and avid Star Wars fan, explains how the books uncover stories you’d never know about just watching the films.