TAFE Series: 3 things we learned from TAFE teachers last week

Aug 6, 2015
Switching off, English writing standards, and personal learning. Here's what we heard from TAFE teachers about their students last week.

TAFE Series: Are you getting through to your students? A lesson from web design.

Jul 27, 2015
Are you guilty of the 20,000 word email? Here's why you're losing your audience and wasting your time. Whether it's an email to your students, a forum post, or an introduction pack, take a leaf from Web Usability experts: focus on one thing at a time.

TAFE Series: PD now, for your next TAFE job, later

Jul 22, 2015
We're all looking for new skills and learning that can take us into our next role and next job. But did you know, as TAFE teachers, your experience with YourTutor can help you transition from one job to the next?

TAFE Series: The good news - and bad - of the personalisation trend

Jul 22, 2015
It's not a one-size-fits all society, 2015 was the year personalisation went mainstream. In education, students can now choose when they start their course, how long they take, and when and where they study. So what's the implication for teachers?

University Students As Stars: How To Prevent Them Fading Before It's Too Late

Jul 2, 2015
Timing is everything to prevent students dropping out of their first year uni course, according to British university studies. So we're asking, when exactly is "just-in-time"?

A Solution to "Degrees of Deception": The obligation to international students

Apr 28, 2015
Jack Goodman suggests that Australia's universities need to ensure international students pass more rigorous pre-enrolment assessments, and that those students who do enrol need to receive more academic, social, and cultural support.

Why we need to give students reasons NOT to cheat

Mar 20, 2015
In the wake of student expulsions from several universities, Jack Goodman examines motivations for cheating, and alternative solutions.

On the road to Universities Australia

Mar 10, 2015
YourTutor provides crucial support to tertiary institutions in aiding student retention - which is why we're excited to be part of the Universities Australia Conference in Canberra.