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How our Subject Specialists support students anywhere

Aimee Hayton

Aimee Hayton

Mar 13, 2018

I am lucky in my role that I get to constantly interact with all of our Subject Specialists. And without a doubt, I have met some of the most altruistic and inspiring people here. We have an amazing and diverse team that spans across genders, ages, countries, cultures and backgrounds, just like the students who seek assistance from our services. We are lucky enough to employ some of the brightest minds around the globe, and for all their differences, they all have the same drive and passion: to give students the support and tools to advance in their education. Therefore, every year, one of our specialists receives the Subject Specialist of the Year award for their outstanding service to students everywhere. 

Studiosity Subject Specialist of 2017: Kate FathersCongratulations, Kate Fathers! The winner of the Studiosity Subject Specialist of the Year award 2017. 

All of our specialists have been in the same position as our students at some point in their learning journey and they understand it can be bewildering trying to work through new concepts. They also know how important it is to guide a student step by step through their problem, and explain each step along the way, instead of just giving answers. This builds a student’s confidence to complete their studies autonomously the next time their have a study issue.

It isn’t always an easy job assisting students online, and most of our Subject Specialists work remotely and are geographically isolated from Studiosity HQ and their peers. Therefore, we have developed an online support community for them to ask each other questions, give guidance, and mentor each other. This is really unique and special, as well as reassuring for our specialists that they have access to immediate help if they need it while working online.

Every day we get to see the results of interactions where our specialists have helped students reach that important breakthrough moment in their study - and it’s easy to see why they love their work and find it so rewarding.

Our Subject Specialist of the year 2017, Kate Fathers, is a great example. Assisting students all the way from Canada, Kate did an incredible job in the last 12 months across both our Connect Live and Writing Feedback services. Kate went the extra mile to ensure students really understood English concepts and that was reflected in the great ratings students gave her. She also contributed to the online community by consistently helping her peers with queries and providing mentoring and support.

"It's an incredible honour to receive this award from Studiosity. They provide such a valuable service to students, helping them improve their skills and gain confidence in their abilities, and it's an immense pleasure to be a part of that process. There is no greater achievement than helping someone, and no greater feeling of satisfaction. I'm looking forward to the coming year and the chance to help more students, as well as mentor new specialists."
- Kate Fathers, Studiosity Subject Specialist of the Year 2017 

Studiosity Specialist Helga Fischer presenting at STARS 2017Opportunities to grow: Studiosity Specialist Helga Fischer speaking to delegates at the STARS Conference 2017

The team at Studiosity are all passionate about the work we do and we are grateful to have a global team of committed, professional specialists backing us. Everyone continually provides outstanding help and support to students, just when they need it most. No matter how far apart our specialists might be, we're working together to increase life chances for all students, regardless of their location, background, or study mode.

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Aimee Hayton is the Recruitment & Development Manager at Studiosity. She welcomes all new specialists into the network and ensures they have an enriching and fulfilling experience, as well as opportunities to grow as a Studiosity Subject Specialist. 

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