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YouTube is 10 years old. Here are 3 reasons why you should care

Sarah Crossing

Sarah Crossing

Apr 24, 2015

YouTube turned ten this week. If you’re wondering why the world needs to celebrate the birthday of a multi-billion dollar company, it was ten years ago that YouTube’s transparency, accessibility, and personalisation made you - customers, students, voters – more powerful. 


1. Transparency – People can share what would be otherwise ‘invisible’. Transparency makes whistleblowing easier and more public, which can lead to justice and accountability. We also get transparency into the everyday life of other people, places, and cultures other than your own.

2. Accessibility – Anyone can upload a video, anyone can watch one. There’s a reason the United Nations declared internet-access a basic human right in 2011. Now, more so than ever, your family, background, or geography aren't barriers to watching a lecture at Princeton or hearing the London Orchestra, or watching a Presidential speech.

3. Personalisation – You have the choice, you can search and watch the music that interests you, learn more about economics or how to change light bulb because your lamp just went out, research a new product you need or watch your favourite musician. You can also start and stop watching when you want. It's up to you.






Why is this important to us? Studiosity was founded 11 years ago (yes, one year more senior than YouTube!) on transparency, accessibility, and personalisation. 

Today, with Studiosity, a student of any background can access one-to-one, online, personalised help from a teacher or expert. Your work and learning in session is transparent; it’s your learning, after all. You don’t need to be from the wealthiest family in the class at school, or live closest to the city. And the one-to-one help is entirely personal just to your study question, every time, any time.

Like YouTube, here at Studiosity we are bringing the world a step closer to the democratisation of information and learning. 

We don’t have as many cats, but we know where you can go find them... after you've finished your assignment.

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