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Top 5 reasons educators become online tutors

Dr. Lesley Halliday

Apr 27, 2017

It’s no secret that our network of incredible subject specialists love what they do.

Students see it every night, in every session and returned draft submission. The specialists' enthusiasm, encouraging tones and dedication to every unique student enquiry has often been described by students as 'above and beyond'.

But enjoying the job is not the only motivator, I have discovered. There are many reasons why academics, teachers, and professionals become online tutors. Here are some of the most prominent ‘whys’ from within our network.

1. Because of my deep and compelling belief in the importance of education

“Education for me is about imparting students with the requisite knowledge, and inspiring them to actualize their full potential.”
- Kehinde, BPharm, MPharm - Tasmania
“I love working for Studiosity because when I sit down to work, I leave having made a real difference, to actual people. Helping people out on their educational journey is something that really means something to me. It’s a tough job, but it’s definitely rewarding!”
- Ethan L, DD Management & Law - South Australia
"I am an educator and the education of students of all ages is my passion.”
- Jane, MA - South Africa

2. Because I have the flexibility to work wherever and whenever I choose

“The flexible hours mean that I can work when I like and know that I can dedicate that time to the students.”
Jane, MA - South Africa
“Having the flexibility to work hours that are convenient to me is invaluable.”
- Jake, BCom - Western Australia

JakeJake from WA

3. Because through every individual ‘aha’ moment, I’m making a difference on a grander scale, too

“Before Studiosity I was planning on a dreary 9-5, every day, probably shuffling paper. Helping students out has helped me get the confidence to maybe do something more valuable (or at least interesting!) with my life.”
- Ethan L, DD Management & Law - South Australia
“Studiosity is an avenue for me to add value to the community.”
- Kehinde, BPharm, MPharm - Tasmania
"...the joy that comes from a student finally getting a concept, or a student who is surprised and pleased by the comments they were given."
- Samantha, BA(Hons) English Literature (1st Class) - Wellington, NZ

Tutor pic Samantha Edwards (1)-167672-edited.jpegSamantha from NZ

4. Because personalised support means each interaction is unique, so there’s never a dull moment

“Being able to help people from all over Australia every night isn’t something that face-to-face tutoring offers. The variety of work on offer is refreshing. One moment I can be giving feedback on a creative writing piece and, later on that same night, I might be taking a look at a medical-science essay.”
- Ethan A, BCom-LLB (Hons) - New South Wales
“I’m still constantly fascinated by how diverse our students are. At this point, I’ve probably read essays from at least 20 different courses and degrees, from Nursing, to Education, to the Social Sciences.”
- Ethan L, DD Management & Law - South Australia

Ethan Levy.jpgEthan L from South Australia

5. Because I get to be part of the rapidly growing, changing education landscape

“Online tutoring is a growing industry and I am excited to be a part of it through my work with Studiosity.”
- Jake, BCom - Western Australia
“Initiatives like Studiosity make us realise that everyone is actually so much the same, wherever we are in the world - and that we all have so much to offer each other.”
- Jane, MA - South Africa

It's an honour and privilege for me to be heading up a team of such studious, intelligent and passionate people, whose dedication to education and love of learning is reflected across our whole head office, too.

To learn more about our inspiring network, you can meet some of our Subject Specialists and Academic Services team.

Dr Lesley Halliday swapped idyllic rural Derbyshire in the UK for Sydney's Northern Beaches in 2007. She has over 20 years' experience working as an academic in Australia and the UK, is a lifelong learning 'addict' and passionate about the powerful holistic impact of positive learning experiences on students. In 2009, while working at the University of Sydney, she received an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation Award for her 'outstanding contribution to the student learning experience.' 

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