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TAFE Series: Here's what your students get 'stuck' on out of hours

Sarah Crossing

Sarah Crossing

Aug 10, 2015

Sunday night is the busiest night of the week for study. And, understandably, it's a time TAFE teachers struggle to be available for student support needs without stretching out contact hours even further. So what exactly did your students need help with last night? Here's a glimpse into just a few ways your students got help with Studiosity, right when they needed it.


Essay and Report Writing

"I'm unsure on how to reference material for my diploma in property management as its been many years since ive done it"

Melbourne Polytechnic
Maths - Statistics [First Year]
"I found my Q value as -0.5 and r as -0.73 but in the question I really don't understand how to answer the first bit about the correlation. I said it has a moderate negative correlation. But I'm not sure."

Maths - Maths Fundamentals
"I know the basics of calculus like finding areas and differentiation. However i have trouble knowing what to do and when. Can you please go through the questions with me?"

TAFE Queensland Brisbane
Business - Accounting [First Year]
"I am studying Company accounting at the moment. I'm stuck on how to record the assets and liabilities of the sole trader at fair values?"

South West Institute of TAFE
Maths - Maths Fundamentals
"I am trying to figure out how to work out monthly payments. i have the interest, flat interest rate and a principal. I've been looking at this question but getting no where. Evaluate the total interest paid (which i have done correctly) and hence the monthly payments. $3000 at a flat interest rate of 18.5% per annum over one year."

South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE
Essay Checking
"Is my structure right? It's for business and finance."

Melbourne Polytechnic
Essay Checking
"Wondering how well my introduction letter is formed, that accompanies a project proposal documentation. This is an Information Technology subject."

TAFE NSW - Hunter Institute
Essay Checking
"This is my draft for the question - 'What are some important considerations when choosing and using literature with young children? Why are they important?' Have I answered the question in my draft?"

Riverina Institute TAFE
Electrical Engineering [First Year]
"I would appreciate it if you could help me to understand how to draw load lines for dc circuits. For example, as in the image I added."

The only way students can successfully and confidently move past these enquiries, outside teachers' contact hours, is to reach out to Studiosity.

Teachers, for new enrolments or when coming up to assignment deadlines, remind all students they should sign in to Studiosity to get 'unstuck' or to get feedback on writing. Access is inside the student portal.

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