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Study Inspiration: The Best Study Spaces in all Shapes and Sizes

Caroline Halliday

Jan 10, 2017

Scientists have proven that one of the most effective ways to remember what you’ve learnt, is to return to the place you learnt it. As most students spend a large time of their study outside the classroom, it’s important to create a consistent study space. Naturally, you’re more likely to want to spend time there if it reflects your personality and style.

Despite what most people believe, your home’s traditional study room is not the best space to complete your school work. You should study in an area that is quiet and clear of distraction, including TVs and computers (unless, of course, computer work is required as part of the studying). The kitchen bench is a great alternative.

Parents are generally within close enough reach to help out with any tricky questions and can also make sure you're staying focused. It’s also easy to refill your water or access snacks if you need to.

And be flexible. If it’s a nice day outside, head onto the balcony. If you're always heading to the study room at the back of the house, it becomes a place that you will dread and will cause unnecessary stress when you have to go there.

Study space check-list:
  • The space is well-lit, comfortably warm and well-ventilated
  • Comfortable seating and appropriate desk height to ensure good posture
  • Enough room to leave work half-done, if needs be, keep things organised
  • Make use of your shelves and desk drawers, ready for easy access

Take a look at some of the best study spaces we've found:

study_hard_now_tumblr2Lots of natural light helps to keep you alert at your desk. (Image: studyhardnow.tumblr.com)

Stay motivated with a positive affirmation above your desk. (Image: prettyprovidence.com)

A great solution if you're studying with your sibling. (Image: Better Homes and Gardens)

This desk set-up is crate.. *ahem* great. (Image: brit.co.uk)

A holiday project? (Image: thedesignnerd.com)

Carmera_link_dot_seWe love this pinboard wall! (Image: cameralink.se)

School_calendar_on_wallStay organised with a whiteboard calendar. (Image: cosmopolitan.co.uk)

Never lose your pencil sharpener again with handy boxes and shelves. (Image: blog.adlet.co)

lovely_clusters_inspiration_dot_blogspotHave fun with your study space and make it your own. (Image: lovelyclustersinspiration.blogspot.com.au)

A garden study is as good as a holiday... Almost. (Image: lovliegreenie.tumblr.com)

outdoors_studyDon't forget the study snacks! (Image: successobsessed.tumblr.com)

So get creative and use the holiday time to make your study space a place where you will actually enjoy sitting. We wish you all the best with it.

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