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Student view: A day in the life of a UniSQ Masters student

Christine Monjal

Apr 16, 2024

Christine is a Master of Education student at the University of Southern Queensland, as well as a Primary School teacher. She shares her tips on how to multi-task, and the benefits of exercise whilst being a student. 

I am currently studying a Master of Education with specialisation in Guidance and Counselling. I am half-way though the course, which I have been studying part-time and online. At the end of the course I hope to work as a school counsellor.

Exercise is key 

My regular routine includes lots of exercise, healthy cereal breakfast, some work and lots of rest. I try to mix up my exercise routine to include different types of exercise because I want to stay motivated.

Some weeks I cycle 20km three times per week. Other weeks I have participated in 15km of walking, running or swimming activities. Either way I believe that participating in 2hrs of exercise per day for at least 3 days per week is not just essential to my mental health but also provides me with extra energy that helps with my concentration and focus.


On the two weekdays that I work as a primary school teacher, I do not exercise because I find that (and anyone that is a primary school teacher might agree) I’m run off my feet during the day and can clock up to 10,000 steps by 2pm!

On the other week days I concentrate on my studies.

Usually, on these weekday mornings, after I've had my large bowl of cereal and returned from my regular exercise, I take a long hot shower, wash and style my hair and get ready for a day of concentration and focus.

Breaking up study into stages

The first stage of my study process includes reading and watching any weekly lecture materials. Next, I take notes and answer questions related to the tutorial material. Lastly, I commence or continue working on my assignments.

For my assignments, my routine usually commences with an analysis of the assignment question, next I check the due dates and use Studiosity’s assignment calculator to help me with planning my assignment deadlines accurately.

Use the Assignment calculator now

Studiosity assignment calculator papers

Then it’s time to start reading and writing. I first conduct a literature search using key words related to the assignment question, and then refine my search using UniSQ’s library facilities.

I enter my reference findings into Endnote and begin reading and categorising notes from various articles and readings into my first draft.

Feedback & confidence boost

I then submit my first draft to Studiosity for analysis, feedback and a confidence boost. I ask for feedback on all possible aspects including structure, language, spelling and use of sources. The result is usually a huge confidence boost with feedback giving me clear directions about areas I should continue working on.

University cover sheet

To me, the key to managing work, study and life is having a good night's sleep, regular exercise, and access to ethical study support. 


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