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Review of online study help - thoughts from a university student

Evelyn Levisohn

Apr 5, 2019

Student life


Studiosity - my first try

I have given the platform Studiosity my first try. I had never heard of it before, even though I have been studying at Uni for a couple of years now. I wished that my other schools had offered this option to us, because I am a believer. I received my paper back with lightening speed, even though they advised me how busy they were and that it may take a while longer.

The feedback I had received on my paper was thorough, but not to the point where they just told me everything I needed to do, but guided me through it and helped me fix my mistakes by learning from them. Not only has my paper now gotten better and I feel more confident in it, I also learned valuable lessons for my future papers.

I have more papers due and am highly motivated now to get them done as much as I can, and send them off to have them evaluated by this service too. I would definitely recommend it, and was positively surprised, as in the beginning I was not sure whether this service could live up to their promises, and how the tutors were going to be.

Overall, I am very happy with the results and every student should have access to this and use it. 

Originally written by Jennifer Reinhardt and published on her blog


Jennifer is 28 years old, originally from Germany, but has been in Australia for 5 years. She previously studied Psychology, and is now studying Law and Business at CQU, and enjoys it very much :). In her spare time she also enjoys writing and reading, and working for Smiggle.

About Studiosity

Studiosity is personalised study help, anytime, anywhere. We partner with institutions to extend their core academic skills support online with timely, after-hours help for all their students, at scale - regardless of their background, study mode or location. 

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