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A special International Women's Day episode roundup with university leaders, on the pursuit of student success, the joy of discovery, and growing strong post-secondary institutions.

Sarah Crossing

Sarah Crossing

Mar 7, 2024

Here you will find a special International Women's Day celebration of our podcast series, Reimagining Higher Education, with a collection that shines a spotlight on the extraordinary women in leadership who have shaped - and who are still shaping - the landscape of higher education.

"Add to up next" the episodes of your choice, and dive into these conversations to discover the unique paths to leadership, perspectives, and invaluable contributions that these trailblazing women bring to the world of academia, and discover what's to come in post-secondary education.

With thanks to all of our global Academic Advisory Board for your guidance (and, sometimes, international podcast hosting!) With special gratitude today to Professor Judyth Sachs, Prof Sally Kift, Prof Petra Wend, Prof Rebecca Bunting, Dr Noreen Golfman, and Ann Buller, C.M. 

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  1. Prof Harlene Hayne - Vice-Chancellor, Curtin University Listen to the interview
  2. Prof Jan Thomas - Vice-Chancellor, Massey University Listen to the interview
  3. Prof Geraldine Mackenzie - Vice-Chancellor, UniSQ Listen to the interview
  4. Prof Jess Vanderlelie - Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Academic, La Trobe University Listen to the interview
  5. Ann Buller, C.M. - Former President and CEO, Centennial College Listen to the interview
  6. Prof Deborah Terry, AO - VC and President, University of Queensland Listen to the interview
  7. Prof Petra Wend - Former Principal and VC, Edinburgh's Queen Listen to the interview
  8. Prof Michelle Trudgett - DVC Indigenous Leadership, Western Sydney University Listen to the interview
  9. Prof Jane den Hollander, AO - Former Vice-Chancellor, Deakin University Listen to the interview
  10. Prof Renée Leon - VC and President, Charles Sturt University Listen to the interview
  11. Prof Pascale Quester - VC and President, Swinburne University Listen to the interview
  12. Prof Margaret Sheil, AO - Vice-Chancellor and President, QUT Listen to the interview
  13. Prof Cindy Shannon, AM - Deputy Vice Chancellor (Indigenous, Diversity and Inclusion), Griffith University Listen to the interview
  14. Professor Cheryl de la Rey - Vice Chancellor, University of Canterbury Listen to the interview
  15. Professor Helen Bartlett - President and VC, University of the Sunshine Coast Listen to the interview
  16. Prof Patricia Davidson - Vice Chancellor and President, University of Wollongong Listen to the interview
  17. Prof Karen Cox - Vice-Chancellor, University of Kent Listen to the interview
  18. Prof Jan Thomas - Vice-Chancellor, Massey University Listen to the interview
  19. Prof Margaret Gardner - Monash University Vice-Chancellor Listen to the interview
  20. Dame Denise Holt - Chair of Council, University of Sussex Listen to the interview
  21. Professor Evelyn Welch - Vice-Chancellor, University of Bristol Listen to the interview
  22. Dr. Noreen Golfman - fmr Provost and Vice-President of Memorial University Listen to the interview
  23. Prof Carolyn Evans - VC and President of Griffith University Listen to the interview
  24. Prof Petra Wend - fmr Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University Listen to the interview
  25. Prof Hilary Winchester, AM - CDU Secretary, Former Provost Charles Darwin University Listen to the interview
  26. Prof Sally Wheeler - fmr Deputy Vice-Chancellor - International, Australian National University Listen to the interview


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