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The global Student Wellbeing Survey


UK and Europe

Prof Liz Thomas - UK Studiosity Users - Participation and Persistence  Prof Liz Thomas - Impact of Studiosity on the Student Experience  UK 2019 Student Wellbeing Survey  UK 2021 Student Wellbeing Survey  UK 2023 Student Wellbeing SurveyProf Liz Thomas - the impact of Studiosity on UK universities-summary report



Australia and New Zealand

APAC-Research-PlagiarismPrevention-2018-Cover-Tile   APAC 2018 Student Wellbeing Survey   APAC 2019 Student Wellbeing Survey   ANZ Belonging Report 2019   APAC 2022 Student Wellbeing Survey

APAC-Research-TraceyBretag-2022-Cover-Tile   APAC-Research-Wellbeing-2023-Cover-Tile   New Zealand 2023 Student Wellbeing




2021 Canadian Student Wellbeing Survey   2022 Canadian Student Wellbeing Survey



Middle East & GCC

Middle East Student Wellbeing Survey - Chapter 1 Stress   Middle East Student Wellbeing Survey - Chapter 2 Cheating



Public policy

Inquiry into the use of generative artificial intelligence in the Australian education system.
"This Federal inquiry is essential to maintaining the highest international standards of education... so that GAI applications within education settings are ethically sound and positively impact the learning process of students, whose knowledge and skills will form the future backbone of Australia’s economy."
Inquiry and Terms of Reference.
Our submission. (pdf)

Universities Accord
"As a country, we can start doing more, faster, to strengthen the places of First Nations students in our higher education sector. This includes making undergraduate success meaningfully and personally visible to current secondary school students for a sustainable approach to future participation and success. This can be most directly and immediately achieved by digitally connecting every First Nations secondary school student with a First Nations undergraduate as a Mentor."
Accord Terms of Reference.
Our submission. (pdf)

Universities Accord - Interim Report response
"We take this opportunity to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible for Australian students, industry, and the public."
Our submission. (pdf)


Research into Studiosity's efficacy

Evidence for Studiosity's impact on student success

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