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  • Speed of feedback is the top reason UK students would use AI (26%), followed by improving confidence (17%)

  • 40% of UK students would like to have access to a senior mentor

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Studiosity's UK Student Wellbeing Survey report, with research conducted by YouGov, captures insights from over 2,400 students across 149 UK universities. 


Personal feedback improves student satisfaction and success.

Interested in finding out how our partner universities are improving student  confidence, attainment and retention with evidence-based, quality-assured support with proven return?




Get the 2024 report:

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This year's report chapters include:
Chapter 1: Artificial intelligence
Chapter 2: Connection to other students
Chapter 3: Study stress
Chapter 4: Academic integrity 
Chapter 5: Student experience
Chapter 6: Employability

Where possible, results have been benchmarked with previous survey outcomes, to understand how behaviours and attitudes have changed over time.