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How we can help you and you child

Studiosity offers timely, personal, online feedback for every student.

When your child is stuck with a study question, or wants to better understand a topic they're learning in class, a real person at Studiosity is there to guide them with 24/7 online study support.

Studiosity connects students to a real Subject Specialist, in all core subjects, including English, Maths, and Science. The just-in-time feedback builds independent thinking, grows confidence, and gets them back on track.

How to access the Studiosity service

Click on the link below and find your school name, then follow the step-by-step prompts to sign in.  

Go to your child's free account


Subject areas we support

Our Subject Specialists support students in all aspects of their core academic development, including:

  • Essay writing
  • Report writing
  • Assignment writing
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Probability
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • General science

And more... 

How it works

We offer two core services; live one-to-one chat, and draft writing feedback.


One-to-one study chat, 24/7

Students can connect to a Subject Specialist for live, one-to-one, personal study support across a range of subjects (see above list). They can chat back and forth, using text or voice, upload files to discuss with the specialist, and use an interactive whiteboard to draw diagrams or share examples. 

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Fast, personal writing feedback

For constructive and encouraging feedback, students can upload their draft writing file and receive constructive comments on their grammar, structure, referencing, and language choice - within 24 hours. 


Parent Resources

Free resources, tips and guides for you and your child. 

A Parents' Guide to High School Study


Here are five useful tips on how you can help your high-schooler manage their new workload.

2021 Calendars & Organisers


Stay organised with our free study timetable templates and 2021 School Year Calendars.

Practice Tests and Quizzes


A selection of free Maths, English, Science and NAPLAN practice tests to help your child test themselves.

Ways to avoid homework meltdowns


Homework and study can actually be a rewarding, satisfying experience if done in an organised and efficient way. Here are some tips on how to achieve that. 

A parent's role in studying


This article will share a study that was conducted on the role you can play that will best support your child with their studies. Prepare to be enlightened!

What parents can do to help their kids with exams


It’s not just students preparing for exams. Parents are on a roller coaster ride too. Here are some things to consider that will take the pressure off everyone.

Watch: How Studiosity helps K-12 students and teachers

Find out more how Studiosity already helps thousands of school students in 100+ schools

"Because the service is there 24/7 for the students - the reality is they’re only doing their homework and assignments and any of the assessment work outside of school hours, so it’s really nice to know they have that port-of-call 24/7 to be able to touch base with someone who is an expert in their field, to guide them along the way.”

- Marian Samuel, Leader of Learning, McCarthy Catholic College, NSW

Want to find out more? Feel free to get in touch.