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How we can help you and your students

Studiosity offers timely, personal, online feedback for every student.

When a student gets stuck after hours, you can’t always be there to help them with their study question. Studiosity connects them to a real Subject Specialist, in all core subjects, including English, Maths, and Science. The just-in-time help builds their independent thinking, grows confidence, and gets them back on track.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Science

Our Science Specialists cover the full range of K-12 science subjects, including physics, chemistry and biology, from primary through to to Year 12 and foundation/bridging tertiary levels. Our specialist are trained at guiding students through their questions, rather than giving them the answers, and our interactive whiteboard allows the student and specialist to draw diagrams and equations together, while working through the problem. 


Science CL laptop and mobile screen

Science topic areas we support

Our Science Specialists can help students in all aspects of their science skills development, including:


  • energy
  • waves
  • fields
  • matter
  • kinematics and dynamics
  • geophysics 
  • astrophysics
  • quantum physics
  • space
  • physics theories
  • models, and laws


  • matter
  • atomic structure of elements
  • the periodic table and bonding
  • energy
  • chemical reactions
  • stoichiometry
  • carbon chemistry


  • cell structure and processes
  • microscopic organisms
  • biodiversity and ecosystems
  • genetics
  • evolution in plants and animals
  • biotechnology
  • biochemistry

How it works

We have Science Specialists online 24/7, available to help your students whenever they get stuck.


Students can connect to a Science Specialist for live, one-to-one, personal study help across a range of science subjects. The student shares the question they're struggling with, and in a live, online 'classroom' they can chat back and forth, upload files to discuss with the specialist, and use an interactive whiteboard to draw diagrams, write equations or share examples. To get started, students simply log into their Studiosity account and click 'Ask a question', and we'll connect them - within minutes - to the next available specialist.

Christine Head - Specialist-1

One of our Physics and Chemistry Subject Specialists, Christine.
(BEng Aerospace and Mechanical, University of Adelaide)

>> Read more about our network of Specialists, and the Academic Services Team that supports them.

Providing help, not answers

Our approach to providing learning support is based around scaffolding, empowering and building capacity within students to enable feedforward, continual learning and advancement.

The main role of our Subject Specialists is to facilitate learning outcomes through guided questioning, and not to simply provide answers to questions. Our Subject Specialists provide tools, assistance, and support in line with our Academic Integrity Policy.  Here are some recent, real examples of questions students have asked our Science Specialists:

Question: "In a food web I am to tell the herbivores, carnivores, decomposers and scavengers. It also says to give info about keystone species - I would also like help with the meaning of keystone species."
Outcome: "[My specialist] is an amazing humorous person and uses her humour to make stuff more interesting and easy to understand. i am very thankful of her helping me. ( She really made me laugh)"

Question: "What’s the difference between an emulsion and a colloid?"
Outcome:  "I had no Idea and now I am confident for my upcoming test. thanks so much."

Question: "Iodine-131 has a half life of 8.07 days. If there are initially 4.2mg of I-131, how long will it take before only 1.1mg is left?"
Outcome: "Showing me what to think about rather than just giving the answer was helpful."

Watch: How Studiosity helps K-12 students and teachers

Find out how Studiosity already helps thousands of school students in 100+ schools

"Because the service is there 24/7 for the students - the reality is they’re only doing their homework and assignments and any of the assessment work outside of school hours, so it’s really nice to know they have that port-of-call 24/7 to be able to touch base with someone who is an expert in their field, to guide them along the way.”
- Marian Samuel, Leader of Learning, McCarthy Catholic College, NSW

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