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How we can help you and your students

Studiosity offers timely, personal, online feedback for every student.

When a student gets stuck after hours, you can’t always be there to help them with their study question. Studiosity connects them to a real Subject Specialist, in all core subjects, including English, Maths, and Science. The just-in-time help builds independent thinking, grows confidence, and gets them back on track.

Core writing and literature skills

We offer help with writing in multiple formats (e.g. essays, assignments, reports), and can provide constructive, positive feedback on core wiring skills, including structure, paragraphs, grammar, and referencing. We also provide support with literature skills such as text analysis and comparison; relationships in language; purpose, content and audience; representation of ideas, attitudes and voices.


Writing Feedback laptop screen

English subject areas we support

Our Subject Specialists can help students in all aspects of their English literacy development.

  • Essay writing
  • Report writing
  • Assignment writing
  • Business Writing
  • Referencing
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Public speaking
  • Speech writing
  • Support For ESL and IELTS
  • Writing an email
  • Creative writing
  • English skills and concepts

How it works

We offer two core services; live one-to-one chat, and draft writing feedback.


One-to-one study help, 24/7

Students can connect to an English Specialist for live, one-to-one, personal study help across a range of English subjects (see above list). They can chat back and forth, upload files to discuss with the specialist, and use an interactive whiteboard to draw diagrams or share examples. 

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Fast, personal writing feedback

For useful, formative feedback, students can upload their draft writing file and receive constructive comments on their grammar, structure, referencing, and language choice - within 24 hours. 

Subject Specialist - Kate Fathers

One of our English Specialists, Kate Fathers.

>> Read more about our network of Specialists, and the Academic Services Team that supports them. 

Providing help, not answers

Our approach to providing learning support is based around scaffolding, empowering and building capacity within students to enable feedforward, continual learning and advancement.

The main role of our Subject Specialists is to facilitate learning outcomes through guided questioning and not to simply provide answers to questions. Our Subject Specialists provide tools, assistance, and support in line with our Academic Integrity Policy.  Here are some recent, real examples of questions students have asked our English specialists:

Question: "How has the modern adaptation of 'The Taming of the Shrew', demonstrated the universal relevance of Shakespeare’s original work?"
Outcome: "The fact that my helper knew exactly what they were talking about and the examples and references they made to help me better understand what I needed assistance with was extremely helpful."

Question: "I want to check if my writing makes sense."
Outcome: "The assistance I received from my specialist today was very helpful! I got the help I need and my confidence is boosted now :D"

Question: "I've written something that is supposed to be a story about a working person. Can you please review?"
Outcome: "The Feedback given was very straight-forward and I loved the way it told me why it was wrong rather than just telling me to fix it. I believe that telling me why its wrong is very important because as I read through my document i was able to figure out what was wrong before having read the feedback it was verry helpful."

Question: "Can you help me improve the structure for a long response question? The structure is okay but I don't understand if comparing the different eras is a good to do or not." 
Outcome: "Thanks for your great feedback on my long response. It has boosted my confidence for sure and you are all the great compliments that there are."

Watch: How Studiosity helps K-12 students and teachers

Find out how Studiosity already helps thousands of school students in 100+ schools

"Because the service is there 24/7 for the students - the reality is they’re only doing their homework and assignments and any of the assessment work outside of school hours, so it’s really nice to know they have that port-of-call 24/7 to be able to touch base with someone who is an expert in their field, to guide them along the way.”

- Marian Samuel, Leader of Learning, McCarthy Catholic College, NSW

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