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Case study: UTS College

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UTS College, a purpose-built pathway to UTS



UTS College (formerly UTS Insearch) serves more than 5,000 students from 75 different countries every year. The College's aim is to develop their skills, confidence and credentials to prepare them for university.

The College offers leading academic English programs, UTS Foundation Studies and higher education diplomas that are designed with UTS entry requirements in mind.  UTS College is the premium pathway provider to the University of Technology Sydney, Australia’s number one Young University. Each year, more than 90 per cent of the diploma graduates achieve the marks they need to enter a UTS bachelor degree. 

Why Studiosity?

Enrolling a high percentage of International and CALD students, UTS College is very focused on developing all students' academic and English writing skills. With Studiosity, they're able to do this at a previously impossible scale, ensuring every student has the opportunity to continuously improve their written skills before entering a more academically-demanding degree at UTS, and the workforce.


UTS College promotes their Studiosity service as an advantageous after-hours option, through their HELPS Centre and student services, and student uptake and satisfaction is high.

Key metrics in 2023:
  • Student engagement: 88% of eligible students have accounts, and 31% of eligible students have used the service once or more
  • Number of uses: 1,573
  • Student satisfaction rate: 95% (with 73% rating it ‘Extremely Satisfied’) - Writing Feedback

Student satisfaction data graphs

A strong partnership between UTS College and Studiosity has been a huge factor in the successful rollout of Studiosity. David Hurlow, HELPS Centre Leader at UTS College, expands; "Studiosity has been such a great partner since Covid-19 when all of our students were studying online from their home countries. It was great to know that our students could access feedback whenever they needed it, either via Connect Live or the Writing Feedback service.

Post-Covid, our students continue to value Studiosity, which is evident in the increased engagement we are seeing every semester. The depth of feedback given to students when they submit their writing is fantastic, along with the time the subject specialists spend when a student connects to chat about an aspect of their studies. The onboarding process and the continued marketing, research and support we receive is simply outstanding." 


"Our students continue to value Studiosity, which is evident in the increased engagement we are seeing every semester.

The depth of feedback given to students when they submit their writing is fantastic."


Writing Feedback engagement - UTS College 2023

When he graduated from UTS College, Hyunmin Lee attributed some of his success to the support he received from Studiosity. He is now happily studying a Master's at UTS. 

"When it comes to academic writing, the most difficult thing was to change my existing concept in terms of language. Personally, Studiosity was like a saviour that helped me survive in my academic journey."


Read more of Hyunmin's story, and see his tips for other international students.

What do students say?

The service allows students to provide feedback each time they use the service. Here is a selection of comments provided by UTS College students:

“Thanks so much for this feedback! It has helped me look through my work and pick out particular words/sentences that need rephrasing, and has given me confidence to improve my use of language and grammar in my work. Many thanks.” - 3rd-year undergraduate student,  January 2020

“This feedback was extremely helpful and has not only given me confidence in my work but has scrutinised it to an amazing degree. Thank you so much Matthew!” - 1st year undergraduate student, May 2020

“Some really useful feedback. I love using this service, it's a great way to check work and to build confidence. The reader was very knowledgeable and gave reasons as to why I should change certain things in my assignment, which will help me in future assignments. Thank you!!!” - 2nd year undergraduate student, August 2020

“Thank you for your comments. They have made me feel so much better!” - postgraduate student, August 2020

“I always find the feedback such an amazing help! I love the detailed explanations so that I can learn for next time.” - postgraduate student, August 2020

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