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Case study: Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University logo


Edith Cowan University, Western Australia 


Established in 1991, Edith Cowan University (ECU) has rapidly developed into a modern
university that focuses on both research excellence and quality teaching.
Innovative and practical courses are offered across a variety of disciplines including Arts;
Humanities; Business; Law; Engineering; Technology; Medical; Health Sciences; Nursing;
Midwifery; Science; Teacher Education; and also includes the renowned Western Australian
Academy of Performing Arts.

ECU has taken the opportunity to reshape the way higher education is delivered in a
distinctive and inspiring campus environment. It’s an approach that has been rewarded with
a five-star rating for teaching quality over the past sixteen years in the Good Universities
Guide 2023.

ECU is also rated the top public university in Australia for student experience (Quality
Indicators for Learning & Teaching) and more recently has been ranked in the top 400
universities in the world for the first time in the Times Higher Education World University
Rankings for 2023. Rankings are based on performance in teaching, research, knowledge
transfer and international outlook.

Why Studiosity? ECU delivers Studiosity to future students through a network of local high schools.  It also provides the programme to its own first-year students to provide ongoing support and capability-building for sustainable, responsible enrolments, and as part of a smooth transition to university study.


As part of the University's holistic support program and Widening Participation program:

  • Studiosity is delivered to more than 3,500 high school students a year
  • 94% of high school students report that Studiosity has helped improve their grades
  • A key component of ECU's first-year student experience

“We have a strong commitment to making education more accessible to everyone. The
partnership has allowed us to make a real difference to the younger members of our
community. We believe that every student deserves access to high-quality learning support,
not just those who can afford an hourly tutoring rate.” -
 Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor
(Teaching and Learning), Edith Cowan University

Student feedback on Studiosity

"The subject-experts were clearly well-educated and the anonymity of the forum meant that I didn't feel silly asking any questions as many times as I needed. The on-demand help made the flow of study much easier as I was able to take charge of my learning and get help in the areas that I feel I lacked in understanding."
Tiffany West, Teaching student, Edith Cowan University, former student at Greenwood College (Studiosity provided by ECU during high school)

"This helped me during my high school years a lot, during the times at night when I was completing an assignment and needed help but had no other help around me I would go to Studiosity and there would always be someone online ready and willing to help me. This was a great help as it relieved my stress of being unsure on what to do. I think that Studiosity is a great website that more students need to use the opportunity they have, as it's like having a teacher there with you, helping guide you through your work." 
- Demi Cruickshank, Medical Science student, ECU, former Wanneroo Senior High School student (Studiosity provided by ECU during high school)

"This programme is a good initiative especially for those who come from non English speaking country. The tutors are very kind and helpful . Keep up the same spirit."
- ECU First Year student

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