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Case study: University of Bedfordshire


University of Bedfordshire


University of Bedfordshire is proud of its vibrant and cosmopolitan student population, consisting of around 20,000 students from over 100 countries. There are two main campuses in Luton and Bedford, South East England, with a large health teaching provision at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury. Beds campus image 1

A  modern university that believes in nurturing their students to become educated, employable and entrepreneurial global citizens, more than 40% of students are first-in-family, 70% mature learners and over 50% are from Black or ethnic minority backgrounds. In 2021 they were named by the Sutton Trust as one of England’s Top 25 universities to have successfully contributed to an increase in social mobility amongst disadvantaged young people in England. 

With significant financial and social contributions both locally and regionally, in 2021 they were named one of the top universities in the UK for producing graduate start-ups, and their commitment to sustainability has been recognised with an EcoCampus Platinum award for two years running.

Why Studiosity?

Dr David Pike, Head of Digital Learning Systems, University of Bedfordshire shares why they have partnered with Studiosity to support their students with academic writing.  Watch the video (04:54):


“...it's getting them to look at what they're writing, how they're writing, and how they can improve. But we wanted to do that on the university-wide scale because again, going back to the idea it's a widening participation institution, we want to do everything we possibly can to help our students achieve and do better and be better.” 


University of Bedfordshire ran an initial pilot during the 2020/21 academic year with their Applied Social Science students who tend to have the most difficulty transitioning into university, and also need to do a lot of writing within their course. The pilot was a success, and with the rich data evidence gathered from the pilot, they were easily able to justify an institutional-wide partnership for the 2021/22 academic year. 

“Studiosity is an excellent product. It's really helped our students. It's very clear how it's helping our students and we're really keen to capitalise on it next academic year. I would say to anybody who's thinking of using the system, or if an institution's thinking of investing, definitely try it. The results for us have been fantastic.”

Key performance measures - student satisfaction:
  • Writing Feedback: 95% satisfaction across 6,994 documents submitted and returned, with 77% rating their experience ‘Extremely Satisfied’. 
  • Connect Live: 79% satisfaction across 333 sessions with a Specialist, with 56% rating their experience ‘Extremely Satisfied’.
  • 5 hours average Writing Feedback return time

Key metrics from 2021/22:
  • 2,680 students have used the service
  • 77% of student help seeking out-of-hours (outside of 9 am - 5 pm)
  • 6% of student help seeking during weekends

During our 2022 Annual Partner Forum, Dr Pike shared key early insights from his - soon to be published - behaviour research on how University of Bedfordshire students are seeking academic writing help, and crucially how this knowledge will be used to inform key pedagogical changes to ensure students seek timely help, in order to achieve student success. Watch the video (35:26):

What do students say?

The service allows students to provide feedback each time they use the service. Here is a selection of comments provided by Bedfordshire students:

I’m finally more confident submitting my dissertation so thank you once again!”  Writing Feedback - 3rd Year Undergraduate

[The Specialist] was so kind and she helped me where I was wrong and what should I do to avoid plagiarism”  Connect Live - 1st Year Undergraduate

The first time I used this and I achieved a first in my assignment so thank you! Hoping to get a first in my final report“  Writing Feedback - 3rd Year Undergraduate

Thank you very much for this support. This feedback is of great help to improve my grammar problems and other academic barriers I faced. I greatly appreciate your attention."  Connect Live - 1st Year Undergraduate

First time I have used Studiosity and I was a little nervous! The Feedback came back really quickly, boosted my confidence in my own writing and was really helpful!”   Writing Feedback - 3rd Year Undergraduate

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