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Audio Visual

Planet Earth rotates in space.
It's not the answer that counts, but how you solve it.
Zooming in on planet to a residential area.

Throughout history one-to-one learning has always worked.
I ask, you listen. I think, I strive, you guide, I succeed.
Because that guidance from the right person has to come at the right time.

A university student is studying on her bed. Elsewhere a subject specialist is at her kitchen table. They are connecting through their laptops. The subject specialist is friendly and patient, she helps the student to understand a concept.

Because in education, quality, time, people, equity and integrity matter. Text: Student to specialist. Student to student.

But all too, often support is inaccessible or unavailable for too many.
What if it weren't? What if the right person were always there? Were ready and waiting to help?
Thoughtfully designed. Thoughtfully delivered. Captivating. On-demand.

A student is in his study late at night, struggling to understand a topic. He puts his face in his hands, visibly frustrated.
He opens his laptop to connect with a subject specialist.
The subject specialist has helped him to overcome his frustration, and he smiles with relief.
In the morning he is back to study, happy and relaxed. He smiles as he greets his dog with an enthusiastic pat.

That's how you change the world. And improve life chances for all. Text: One student at a time. One question at a time.
Montage of students in different contexts connecting to subject specialists for help: a man with glasses in library smiling and typing at a laptop, a woman looking at laptop and writing in a notepad, a man in collared shirt with big smile.
It takes an institution with agility, vision, integrity to complete the student ecosystem.

Aerial view of university campus in a city.
Timelapse of many students entering and leaving a university campus via a broad ornate gate.

Timelapse of a large telescope dish with the night sky rotating above.
Graphic of interconnected networks of students represented in 3D space.

Mirroring your standards. Text: quality and security
Slow motion team of 4 rowers rowing on a lake.
Overcoming colossal education challenges together. Text: academic integrity
Closeup of hands typing on a laptop keyboard.
Text: student experience
6 students are walking and talking together through a campus, carrying books and folders.
Text: retention
A smiling young man is wearing academic regalia at his graduation ceremony, with one hand touching his mortarboard hat.
Because asking for help is brave. Text: Your students, with 21st century support.
User first technology is easy to use, easy to trust, always friendly, always evolving, always available. Montage of students at different locations and times connecting with subject specialists: A young woman in a sunny study smiling at a laptop, with a cup of tea on a saucer, her study materials to hand. A young man on his bed with a laptop on his lap. A young woman on her couch at night with her laptop on the coffee table. A woman in a blue-lit room writing at a desk and nodding. A woman on her couch working by the light of a lamp, illuminated by the laptop. A young man in a bright study smiling at the camera.
Together with a network of universities and education providers, delivering high quality study support, building life chances for all. A diagram of Earth rotates in space showing a network of connections spanning all continents.
Music reaches a climax. Text: One student at a time. One question at a time. Studiosity. Anytime, anywhere.
Text with university logos: Trusted by AUD, Bond University, University of Canberra, Charles Sturt University, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University Australia, Flinders University, La Trobe University, Macquarie University, Murdoch University, RMIT University, USC, Swinburne Online, Swinburne University of Technology, University of Technology Sydney, The University of Western Australia, Western Sydney University.