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Here are the key dates for NSW school students.  Remember to check with your school regarding additional pupil-free days.  Private and independent school dates will vary.   

  Event Dates
 Jan New Year's Day  Jan 1
  Australia Day  Jan 28

Term 1 starts
(Eastern Division)

 Jan 29
Feb Term 1 starts
(Western Division)
 Feb 5
Term 1 finishes  Apr 12
  Autumn holidays  Apr 13-28
  Easter weekend  Apr 19-22
  ANZAC Day  Apr 25
  Term 2 starts  Apr 29
(Yr 3, 5, 7, 9)
 May 14-16
Queen's Birthday  Jun 10
 Jul Term 2 finishes  Jul 5
  Winter holidays  Jul 6-21
  Term 3 starts  Jul 22
 Sept Term 3 finishes  Sep 27
  Spring holidays  Sep 28-Oct 13
 Oct Labour day  Oct 7
  Term 4 starts  Oct 14
Dec Term 4 finishes  Dec 20
  School holidays  Dec 21-Jan 27
  Christmas day  Dec 25
  Boxing day  Dec 26

Check the dates of the rest of Australia's States and Territories here.

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