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Questions we hear a lot:

"Where do I find my code?"
Your school handed every student a code including letters and numbers - for example: "VGHX-3ZY1"

"Why do I need a code?" 
To access Studiosity for free.

"How do I start using Studiosity?" 
Enter your code on this page, then follow some quick instructions on the next screen.

"Do I need to keep my code after I make an account?" 
No, recycle!

"Can I use the code again?" 
No, just one per student.

"Can I use any email to make my account?"
Yes, you just need to confirm in your inbox.

"Can I use my school account from last year?"
For a limited time. You have until the end of Term 1, then you need to re-activate a new code to keep using for this year.

"I want to keep my same account from last year, how?"
Use the same email, we'll work it out from there.

"Will I be able to access my old 'YourTutor' account even though you're called Studiosity now?"
Yes. Nothing has changed except our name and design - your account and service will remain the same.

"I need some tech support!"
Email for tech support support@studiosity.com or call (02) 9906 2700, Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm Sydney time.