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For your student experience and scaled outcomes; start with a true partnership 

Students love Studiosity - you'll see it in the form of frequent and positively-rated take up by students, measured as increased satisfaction and engagement. To get there, Studiosity's Partnership team will work closely with key stakeholders at your institution - not just at launch, but on-going.

Here's why, with Studiosity, you're choosing the right service, fulfilling duty of care to students, and responsibly pursuing ROI.

Consultation and information sessions

You get unlimited, local sessions and zoom sessions

+ On-site presentations and information sessions from our local team, to your staff, students and other stakeholders for awareness and professional development. These sessions are tailored to your institution and audience to enhance awareness and drive understanding of the benefits.

+ Ongoing engagement and consultation with all relevant institution stakeholders, to ensure Studiosity suits your unique learning community, and seamlessly integrates into your distinct learning and support ecosystem.

+ Custom communication and engagement assets for your staff and students, backed by an evidence base of student-focused research. These include adaptable digital templates, graphics and copy with clear guidance for early, timely implementation. All to save you time and resources, as well as to ensure every student has a fair chance of awareness and use.

Reporting and analytics on-demand

You control your own students’ data and outcomes

Access your own comprehensive data, used to evaluate and research the service’s core purposes, like student confidence, satisfaction, academic grades and retention.

For example, university partners have researched Studiosity’s correlation with a statistically-significant improvement in mean GPA, students’ use of other support services alongside Studiosity, as well as changes in users’ confidence and satisfaction.


+ Data API: Use our application programming interface (API) to integrate daily usage data into your business analytics tool or data warehouse, to facilitate reporting and impact analysis.

+ The Studiosity Partner Portal is always being developed, with the goal to give you continual, self-serve visibility into internal quality assurance processes, at-risk student flagging, new users to the service, uptake, repeat use, student satisfaction, partnership and license details, analytics and more.

+ Reporting and communication, received directly from your Partnerships Manager,  in addition to your dashboard access. This offers you additional insight by way of discussion and benchmarking, and for easy sharing withing your institution.

Technology advice, support, and implementation

You get our in-house technology and development teams; always just a local phone call away or we'll come out to campus

Local, timely support and supplier accessibility is important for your program’s, and your wider university’s, success. Whether technical integration with your learning management system, maintenance, troubleshooting, or training, we're local and ready to help.

Because we're nearby and care about your unique community, our teams also continually seek advice from you, and constantly invest back in the technology, support, and service, so the technology, support, and implementation and the associated advice is relevant and proven.


+ Invitation to the Studiosity Symposia and other partner-only events, to be the first to hear and provide feedback on planned service developments, and to ensure you are shaping the future of the service for your own students - as well as educators and students worldwide. 


You can make Studiosity your own, to further strengthen your offering and value to students

+ Capability to re-brand the Studiosity application to match your own colour-scheme and brand, so that the student experience is consistent with the University’s other services.

+ In-session cross-referencing to your full range of university support resources, to ensure even more take-up and awareness among students of what your university offers.

+ Learning Management System integration assets, including descriptors, images and buttons.

+ Custom content for student-facing events and channels, including social media, intranet graphics, and custom-branded video.

+ Support with as-needed assets for your orientation weeks, student union, faculty meetings, faculty-focused campaigns and events.

Development and improvement

You get a service that improves every day, with constant feedback and review from the people that matter most

Academic Advisory Board: Your service receives continual critique and advice from highly respected academic minds.

Student Advisory Board: Your service is for students, so we ensure it also gets formally reviewed by students. In addition to the feedback received on every unique learning session, we continually seek the practical input of our Student Advisory Group, including for product testing and development.

Academic Services Team and Quality Assurance Team: Studiosity teams review learning sessions for student outcomes, satisfaction, and to ensure each meets the standards required for academic integrity and company policy.

Built-in student support

You can ensure duty of care to your students, with timely support, as well as alerts for your further analysis

You get to offer the highest levels of customer service and your students get a seamless user experience. Holistic service support and deliberate UX design, everything from intuitive in-app guidance to transactional notifications and copies of sessions.


Alerts for potentially emotionally at risk and academically at risk students, and passed to the appropriate contact at your university, to decide on follow-up based on your unique institutional policies. This academic and well-being flagging service helps to identify students requiring additional support and escalates them directly back into your university's support ecosystem.

+ Your students can log service requests anytime, and the Studiosity dashboard user experience is designed to provide obvious, accessible support options at any stage.

+ Timely response to student enquiries via phone, email, and immediately via online chat support. With up to 50,000 enquiries every year,  all year round including weekends and holidays, we ensure a timely response to every one.

+ Students also receive prompt service information, transactional emails, and critical user information about changes to software, tools, features and functionality.

Tier Zero core services

For universities that set the standard for students’ experience and well being

Every student, everywhere, will need to seek help at  some point. That's the 'Tier Zero' of student support. It's support that is fast, timely, self-driven, anytime, anywhere. Studiosity as your Tier Zero student support service means you can guarantee this timely support, at scale. Ask your Studiosity Partner Manager (contacts below) for further details about whether these are included in your service.

+ Early alert of academically at-risk students: For their further progression through the university’s wider, holistic support system for academic performance and well-being.

+ Academic Writing Evaluation (AWE): Use Studiosity to assess the writing skills of large cohorts to identify early students with below-standard writing skills with fast, early data turnaround.

+ Data API: Use our application programming interface to integrate daily usage data into your business analytics tool or data warehouse, to facilitate reporting and impact analysis.

+ Student Connect - Digital peer-to-peer: High-impact peer connections; for authentic learning and assessment, dialogue and understanding of policy, and to grow belonging in target cohorts. >> Learn more.

What do you need?

Whatever your Studiosity service enquiry, we can help. Reach out to your Partner Services Team.

Scott - Studiosity

Scott Harrison

Director - Partnerships APAC


Nicole Seipel - Studiosity

Nicole Seipel

Senior Partnerships Manager


Vanesa - Studiosity

Vanesa Duran

Partnerships Manager, SA/WA


Manpreet Kaur - Studiosity

Manpreet Kaur

Partnerships Manager, VIC/TAS


Denise Flores - Studiosity

Denise Flores

Partnerships Manager, NSW


David Farquhar - Studiosity

David Farquhar

Partnerships Manager, NZ


Jared - Studiosity

Jared Steuernol

Partnerships Manager, Canada


Lisa - Studiosity

Lisa Abrahams

Partnerships Manager, UK


Graeme Kirk - Studiosity

Graeme Kirk

Partnerships Manager, UK/Europe


Ami Bennett - Studiosity

Ami Bennett

Solutions Consultant