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Case Study: Xavier Catholic College

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Xavier Catholic College, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

AboutXavier Catholic College provides co-educational Prep to Year 12 schooling. As a Catholic school in rural Queensland, there is a strong emphasis placed on providing pastoral care and student well-being to all students at the school.

Hear from students at Xavier Catholic College, Hervey Bay from Studiosity on Vimeo.

Why Studiosity? Providing a well-rounded education for all students was and is a priority for Principal Simon Dash. When he joined Xavier College in 2017 (with a low SES population of 91) there was a clear need to boost the academic outcomes for students. Student aptitude was high, but their background, location and resources were limited, which meant that partnering with an online 24/7 service like Studiosity, helped alleviate those setbacks. As Simon said, 'Equitable access to substantial support mechanisms is really important for  student success'.


  • High adoption rate amongst students since launching in early 2018.
  • Teachers have noticed an increased quality in written drafts alongside increased concept analysis in both Maths and Science.
  • Students are now more confident with increased self-advocacy.
  • Supporting 500 enrolments across years 7 - 12

The service that Studiosity provides works really well and when you consider the equity of access it provides to students that may be disadvantaged, and the benefits are incredibly valuable. The knowledge it provides staff is insightful . The reporting allows teachers to  evaluate if students understand a concept or not and whether they need to reteach which is incredibly interactive. We are now in a place where students don't have the excuse that 'they didn't understand ' because they should be able to show they went online  to Studiosity to get help. The uptake from both students and teachers has been huge."

- Simon Dash, Principal Xavier Catholic College


Student feedback on Studiosity

"This tutor was very helpful and made sure I 100% understood what I was doing and how before leaving or moving on which I found very helpful."
- Year 10, Maths, 8:47pm

"AMAZING! Such an amazing tutor, very efficient, explained incredibly and super patient could not be happier"
- Year 12, Maths, 8:11pm

"Amazing, responded super quick was really helpful and patient. Explained things in multiple ways to better understanding overall really happy!."
- Year 11, Maths, 10:31pm