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Case study: Western Sydney University


Western Sydney University, New South Wales, Australia

About: Western Sydney University is one of Australia's leading institutions and ranked in the top 400 in the world.

Study help, anywhere, for all students - hear from students and academic leaders from Studiosity on Vimeo.

Why Studiosity? To support all students in reaching their own academic goals. Studiosity aims to give students ownership of learning, to create self-directed, future-ready learners and graduates. 


  • Studiosity use predicts academic self-efficacy
  • Higher academic self-efficacy predicted higher grades, accounting for 20% variance

"The more self-efficacious students were in their academic skills, the higher the academic grade the students were likely to report in the unit of study (subject) for which they had used the service.” - Lee & Hanham, Western Sydney University, June 2017

Download the study results here

Student feedback on Studiosity

Undergraduate and postgraduate students at Western Sydney University

"Confidently seeking such a serivce encouraged me to use other available sources to pursue personal goals!"  
- Cerina Ramirez, Bachelor of Business Student, WSU

"The feedback summary I got was very great, I never knew that this service would provide such ''in-depth' comments and what to improve on, definitely worth it to send more documents in upcoming future."
- Writing Feedback service, 3:25pm 

"Now with mid-semester assessments [the subject specialist] made me understand the overall question and I really appreciate that. This was the first time throughout the whole semester that I can say I felt comfortable discussing issues that I have with an assessment."
- Essay and Report Writing, 9:06pm 

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