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Case study: Penrith City Library

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Penrith City Library, Penrith, New South Wales

About: Penrith City Council provides a wide range of services to more than 178,000 residents. Penrith City's community is diverse - 25% of people were born overseas, and 25% of parents are first-generation migrants. The library offers a range of events, activities and services to suit the different ages and interests of all community members. 

Why Studiosity? Penrith City Library believes in enabling lifelong learning by providing equal-access learning support to all Members. Studiosity adds this extension to their services. It allows more Members to access the personal learning support online, for timely study help at any learning level - and even outside library opening hours.

Outcomes:  In 2017 alone, Penrith community Members engaged in more than 20,000  learning moments with Studiosity Subject Specialists. Wednesday nights at 7pm has been the most popular time for Members to seek support. 

“Studiosity enables us to engage our large, diverse community with 24/7 education support, from anywhere with internet access. We see incredible demand for online learning support and are proud to offer such a proven, personal, easily accessible service to our community. The service commenced at Penrith City Library in 2006. We have watched the service grow from small beginnings to the excellent service it is today. A service that has expanded from primary and secondary students with limited hours of tutoring, to one that now includes University students and mature age learners. Importantly, Studiosity continues to provide an ever improving level of service to the original client group, primary and secondary school students.”

- Joan Suckling, Resources Librarian, Penrith City Council


  • Studiosity partner since 2006 
  • Supporting all Members, including high school students, mature-aged learners, and residents with non-English speaking backgrounds
  • Over 130,000 learning moments provided
  • Easily accessible service through the library management system 

Library Member feedback on Studiosity


"It really helped me understand what to do. They kept helping me until the end, even when i was confused."
Year 10, Maths session

"The session was very informative and was able to clear a few caps in my knowledge."
- Economics session

"Thank you so much for the awesome feedback!!!"
- 24/7 Writing Feedback submission

"The specialist was patient and skilfully nudged me in the right direction without telling me exactly what to do. I feel much more confident
in the topic."
- Chemistry session

"Thank you so much. This was of great help :)"
- English skills and concepts session

"This is a very good way to get help for things that you are unsure of."
- Essay and Report Writing session

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