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Case study: Monash University, Malaysia


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High engagement, improved academic outcomes

A world-leading education provider

Monash University is one of Australia's leading universities and ranks among the world's top 50 by Times Higher Education. Established in 1998, Monash University Malaysia is the third largest campus of Australia's largest university and the first foreign university campus in Malaysia. It offers a distinctly international and culturally rich environment with approximately 9,400 students from more than 78 countries.

Offering a world-class student experience, including Studiosity

Monash Malaysia partnered with Studiosity in 2021, to help support a diverse cohort of students with a variety of academic backgrounds. They were looking for a way to fulfil their responsibility to the students they enrol, to invest in their ongoing engagement and success beyond orientation.

They felt it was a good fit as university staff aren't employed to deliver 24-hour support on academic skills, however student help-seeking behaviour happens late at nights, on weekends, after hours. Prof Beverley Webster, Vice President (Education), says,

Bev circle

"Students need that 'just in time' help to keep them engaged. So partnering with Studiosity, who can actually fill that gap and provide that support is absolutely essential for us to deliver on our promise - and responsibility - to support all our students, regardless of the pathway that they have come into university."

Studiosity at Monash Malaysia: High satisfaction, high engagement, measured improvement in academic outcomes
 Monash University Malaysia integrated Studiosity into their Moodle setup, held staff training sessions and promoted routine formative feedback as part their student communications plan. 

Since its launch, over 7,000 students have opened accounts, and this year (2023) 20% of students have tried it once, 10%+ of those are repeat users, and 7%+ of that group are regular users, getting feedback 2 or more times.

87.6% have said they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the service received. 👍

 WATCH: Prof Beverley Webster explains why Monash Malaysia partners with Studiosity, and some of the outcomes they have seen.

Key performance measures

"Users of Studiosity services had significantly higher WAM and unit marks"

VIEW SLIDES: Studiosity’s Impact on Student Outcomes and Retention: A Case Study - presentation by Dr. Tridib Saha, Dr. Caryn Lim, and Lau Wei Ken

Some of the goals, expected and unexpected, Monash Malaysia are realising through the Studiosity partnership:

  1. Improved student outcomes - higher weighted average marks and unit marks, particularly with domestic students
  2. Improved student engagement
  3. For educators: a reduction in the burden of grammar/academic skills support and the ability to leverage insights on student help-seeking to inform course content development and improve the quality of their curriculum
  4. Increased access to educational opportunities - as every student has personalised, formative feedback
  5. The ability to identify students who may be at risk, either academically or emotionally
  6. Academic integrity outcomes - students get feedback on referencing, citations, which helps prevention of unintentional plagiarism
Student Satisfaction:
  • Writing Feedback: 93% satisfaction across 4,996 documents submitted and returned
  • 3 hours 18 minutes average Writing Feedback return time
  • Connect Live: 86% satisfaction across 957 sessions with a Specialist

n=816, Writing Feedback only

  • 61% of students seek help out-of-hours (outside of 9 am - 5 pm)
  • 25% of student seek help during weekends

What do students say?

Jia Yee circle"I am glad that my university provides this service for free. The most helpful thing about Studiosity is the customized feedback. It helps to improve my grammar, structure of essays, and others. I feel happy and confident when receiving the encouraging comments. Moreover, I can upload my draft at any time, and Studiosity will return it in less than 24 hours (sometimes only a few hours) with detailed feedback on how to improve my writing. Before this, I could not 100% make sure my writing was correct. After introducing Studiosity, I know that my writing is improving."

- Jia Yee, Bachelor of Business & Commerce student at Monash University, Malaysia

The service allows students to provide feedback each time they use the service. Here is a selection of post-interaction comments provided by Monash Malaysia students:

“I've been provided with enough feedback to improve on my writing to a point where I feel confident enough to submit my assignment!” - 1st year Undergraduate, Writing Feedback

“The interface was easy to use and navigate, and the feedback given was clear and easy to understand.”   - 1st Year Undergraduate, Writing Feedback

“This session is really helpful in helping me to brainstorm”  Connect Live (Essay Writing) - 2nd Year Undergraduate

I was able to master concepts that I didn't know, they were able to guide me properly in a way which they were guiding me to find an answer myself, which I did!! so I'm very happy about it :D”  Connect Live (Chemistry) - 1st Year Undergraduate


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