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Case study: James Cook University

JCU case study of using Studiosity study support

James Cook University, Queensland, Australia

About: James Cook University ranked in the top 2% of universities in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

Why Studiosity? Studiosity is used at the University as a targeted equity strategy to address retention, provide study support in peak periods, and contribute to a positive student experience. It is a complementary support program to extend the reach of JCU's award-winning holistic student support system, 'The Learning Centre'.


  • Studiosity users scored a mean GPA of 4.49, compared to 3.57 for non-users
  • The statistically-significant improvement in mean GPA was apparent regardless of gender, ethnicity, NESB, OP class, or mode of delivery
  • Studiosity learning support reached previously non-engaged students
  • Repeat use of the service led to higher results, especially amongst students who enrolled with a lower high-school attainment

“Those GPA figures show us that this is really making sure that students are passing. It adds to a supportive learning environment that students know that we provided this service to support their success. (...) We know that the constructs of retention and success are commonly held to be positively correlated to the students sense of belonging."

Dr Andrea Lynch, Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement, James Cook University at the Universities UK Conference, March 2017

Download the study results here 

Student feedback on Studiosity

"It is a great way to learn where you have made errors and to receive suggestions on how to improve your writing. A great learning aid. Thank you for your prompt, efficient service. I appreciate it."
- Writing Feedback service, 4:43pm

"I got a High Distinction for this essay, thank you so much!!!"
- Writing Feedback service

"The review I got back was very thorough and also positive.  It's not only good to know what my weaknesses are but also what I'm good at.  This was the second draft I've uploaded and each time I get it back I feel that I improve my essay tenfold (and not just a little bit each time).  Extremely helpful, very happy :)"
- Writing Feedback service, 10:57pm

Hear from the author, Dr Andrea Lynch

Findings presented March 2017, at the Universities UK conference on Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning

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