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Case study: CQUniversity


Central Queensland University, Queensland, Australia


Founded in Rockhampton in 1967, CQUniversity Australia has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years - in student numbers, new courses, new campuses and infrastructure. CQUniversity is recognised as Australia’s most inclusive university with some of the highest ratios of students from disadvantaged, mature age, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and first-in-family backgrounds. (cqu.edu.au, 2020)

With 30,000 students, CQUniversity covers the largest area of any Australian university, with campuses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Cairns, Emerald, Gladstone, Mackay, Melbourne, Noosa, Perth, Rockhampton, Sydney and Townsville.

Why Studiosity?

Available for all students within their Moodle login, CQUniversity provides Studiosity to ensure their diverse student cohort has the flexibility to receive academic support at times that suits their study, work, and family lifestyles and commitments.


In a 2019 evaluation of Studiosity, research found: 
  • CQUniversity Studiosity users, on average have a 16.45% higher rate of retention than the cohort.
  • Studiosity users have a 19.06% better retention rate
  • Studiosity users experience 21.7% less unit failure
  • Studiosity users are 17.31% less likely to be placed on academic probation



Student feedback on Studiosity

"That was exactly the help I was after. Even the positive feedback was really helpful, I have always struggled with my writing and I can see where I have begun to succeed in improving my writing. This is helpful, not only for this essay but future essay writing also."
- Honors student, CQUniversity

"Thank you for getting back to me before 24 hours. My due date is Monday and I was worried about not receiving feedback before then." 
- 1st-year undergraduate, CQUniversity

"This was great! Picked up on all of my errors, especially helped with connecting sentences and making my work flow a whole lot better! Thank you!" 
- 1st-year undergraduate, CQUniversity

"thank you so much even at 1am" 
- 3rd-year undergraduate, CQUniversity

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