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Studiosity CEO Update: Service Continuity

Michael Larsen

Michael Larsen

Mar 11, 2020

Studiosity CEO Update: Service Continuity

Regarding our capacity to deliver support and prioritising your students during the COVID-19 pandemic

We’re here to help. We’re ready to help. We need your help.

Over the last decade we have invested millions of dollars developing a powerful and resilient technology platform, as well as the systems, processes and people required to deliver a world-class, academic support service for educators and their students globally.

With the support, trust and input of tertiary education leaders in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Ireland - who have for years now practised sound risk management with effective, online support - our platform has evolved into a robust, sophisticated and flexible solution that has the capacity to adapt to a range of previously unseen circumstances.

To relay recent conversations from within the education sector: Yes, the Studiosity team is more than capable of continuing to support your students 24/7, wherever they are, even should demand increase by two to three times levels forecasted prior to COVID-19.

I hope this gives you and your staff the confidence to reassure your students of online support continuity.

Prioritising Students

If you have imminent plans to close a campus or otherwise intend to directly encourage more of your students to seek support via Studiosity, or require Studiosity access for other cohorts, please contact your Partner Services Manager as soon as possible. We will put in place extra measures to prioritise your students and staff during this time of greater need. As you can imagine, early advice regarding your evolving needs will be sincerely appreciated.

Our Subject Specialists

The wellbeing of our remote workforce, who expertly deliver every one-to-one interactions and formative writing feedback, is a top priority. Located in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, our workforce is highly diversified geographically. Moreover, the vast majority work from their homes. We are in constant contact with our Online Specialists, which will continue as usual.

The Studiosity Team

Our Sydney Head Office remains open, and we have conducted an audit to ensure that, should the need arise, all staff will have access to a safe and technologically-suitable environment from which to work remotely. Furthermore, our management team has always been geographically dispersed, ensuring we are capable of continuing business as usual, with daily guidance from Government and WHO advice.

Studiosity remains poised to assist all of our educational partners during this challenging time. Please reach out at the earliest so that we can support your contingency plans as needed. Many thanks.


Michael Larsen is CEO of Studiosity.


About Studiosity

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