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Once impossible, now the norm.

For school leaders who care about delivering a personalised learning experience for every student.

Studiosity is one-to-one, after-hours homework help: anytime, anywhere, every student.


1. Every student will face study anxiety, but educators know not every student will speak up.

2. Every parent will face hundreds of essay drafts, after their own long work days.

3. Every teacher wants to know more about their students' wellbeing and academic progress to help them improve further.

With Studiosity, a student asks a homework question - or uploads a draft - for one-to-one, formative feedback from a real specialist. 

Because timely, one-to-one, personal help improves grades and confidence. And now it's possible at scale.


"It comes down to students' self-efficacy, the belief they can have a go. Studiosity has improved the confidence of students and it is now flowing out into the school." - Simon Dash, Principal, Xavier Catholic College, presenting at the Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools Conference.


Turning the invisible, visible.

With Studiosity, get everyday insight about after-hours homework time.

Because 40%+ of a student's learning happens after the bell goes, but it's often invisible to classroom teachers.

That's why Studiosity is on-demand insight into individual student's successes, struggles, and grasp of topics.


An offer exclusively for SIMON schools

Inside your SIMON dashboard, it's even easier to switch on Studiosity.

So is it time to shine a light on student's confidence, academic performance, and wellbeing?

To ask questions about the service, or to discuss whether Studiosity is right for your school, complete the form on this page.




How does Studiosity work?

There are two core services inside Studiosity.

The 'Connect Live' service is for a student thinking: "It's Sunday at 6pm, and I need help right now!" A student formulates her own question, then works with one of our study experts in the interactive classroom - with chat, collaborative whiteboard, and file sharing tools. Because timely feedback drives confidence and perseverance. 

The 'Writing Feedback' service is for a student thinking: "I've  gone as far as I can on this draft, I don't know how to improve it." This part of the service lets a student upload a writing file and receive formative feedback from an English language specialist in less than 24 hours. Based on critical, core writing skills, this service helps students think about where they might focus their attention and add more thought.

How Studiosity works for students:

What is the benefit for teachers?

Teachers know half of a child's school learning is hidden, "invisible," after hours when they study alone at night. 

But in 2018, for teachers and schools who are driven by each student's personal learning journey and success, who want to personalise learning with timely data, 'invisible' is no longer good enough. 

Even the most skilled classroom teachers can't see how every student coped with the previous night's homework, their process for completing an assignment or writing a draft. Some students are more proactive than others, some are quiet, and a 90-minute class isn't enough to address the individual needs of 25 students whilst also progressing the curriculum.

Teachers are experts at guiding student learning - with Studiosity and SIMON, you can make sure they have the best support and tools working for them.

What is the evidence for timely, after-hours study help?

Immediate study support impacts a student’s academic self-efficacy and future learning progression. A literature review by Dr Gerard Calnin (2017) pinpoints driving forces on a student's performance -  including timely, regular feedback from "a more knowledgeable other"  (see the graphic below). It identifies that immediate, positive support experiences assist progression towards goals, and negative experiences, such as the inability to complete tasks, can throw a student back in their learning progress. This can be avoided with timely intervention and formative feedback that helps them to succeed and progress towards their academic goals. 

With Studiosity, timely, personalised feedback can finally be delivered in practice, at scale.

Effective and non-effective learning progression (Calnin 2017)

Graphic: Calnin, G. (2017), The life course model of driving and resisting forces of learning progression 

What teacher reporting is available?

It's not enough for teachers to wait weeks or even months for cohort trends - and because some students are more reserved than others - Studiosity gives teachers daily reporting with insight into each student's use of the service the night before.

Reporting includes time of help, the student's own self-directed question, subject area, and outcomes for confidence, and even more to suit your school.

Is my school is eligible?

Schools that use SIMON now have the option to easily switch on the Studiosity service for staff and students, inside the SIMON platform.

To confirm your school's eligibility, or to request more information, contact David Patrao, School Partnerships Director, dpatrao@studiosity.com, +61 419 006 693.

Did you know? It's faster and cheaper to switch on Studiosity thanks to your existing SIMON web portal.

Ask us what's involved or simply get more information:

About the partnership

Together, SIMON and Studiosity seek to better support teachers, save time, and help you grow students' learning outcomes.

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